The Orples Join A Paper Kite Butterfly for Lunch.

Maria not only has a tropicalflowerzone, she has beautiful butterflies on her blog too. The Orples seem to have made a new friend—Ms.  Paper Kite Butterfly.  Speaking of butterflies; Amazon has some really cool Butterfly Sticker Books available if you love butterflies as much as we do, and stickers are  a fun addition to snail mail letters & packages, scrapbook entries, etc.  Amazon has some cool ‘how to makePaper Kites books, too. I even found one that features butterflies, among other things from around the world .  With March right around the corner,  paper kites come to mind in more ways than one.  :)

The Orples and the Paper Kite Butterfly enjoy a leisurely lunch together.
The Orples and the Paper Kite Butterfly enjoy a leisurely lunch together.

With all of those scrumptious flowers to munch on, I am thinking those three are going to be enjoying an extended lunch. This might be a good time to begin back in the neighborhood, allowing you to review our recent Adventures, so you don’t miss anything. Come along while I refresh my memory — and those three finish lunch.

13 thoughts on “The Orples Join A Paper Kite Butterfly for Lunch.”

    1. No worries, Maria. Stop by when you can. If you click on the ‘visiting the neighbors’ category links, you can peruse past posts to see what you’ve missed. We’ve had some interesting Adventures lately. I’m glad you like this post. I was pleased with it too. ;)

  1. These guys sound like my friend Shrimp the KAT who comes to Petals all the time and munches on my flowers. LOL Loved this, Marcy!! Love, Amy

    1. Thank you, Amy. I knew ‘kats’ munched on grass, but not flowers … I had a miniature goat who thought I planted the roses for HER dining delight though. :)

    1. The more I hang out with orples, the more I would like to be one. It must be nice to be so carefree, don’t you think? Maria has a nice selection of flowers to choose from. It was hard to pick ‘one’ so I chose the butterfly instead. :)

    1. Thank you, Giselle. I try to mix it up so there’s a different adventure everyday. Sometimes I throw some of my own stuff in, or make an announcement, to try to keep things running smoothly. ;) We love it when you enjoy your visit.

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