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Street Scenes in Richmond, Virginia  …  June 2, 2012

Today went by so quickly. It was so beautiful after last night’s storms, I went to Richmond with the intent of hunting down a few murals to share, which I did. Not many though, and I’ll post those shots another time. For now, I thought I’d invite those who care to join me, to take a walk around the block. These shots are of a couple of older residential streets, one of which is a 4 lane street, divided by a median strip. The main drag is across from the Richmond Museum of Fine Arts. I didn’t take a photo of that building, since I’d have needed a panoramic lens to fit the entire building in. Not to mention, my camera kept cutting out on me, so I didn’t get anywhere near the number of shots, I’d hoped to take. But something is better than nothing. I did manage to grab enough takes to fill a couple of posts on varying themes in the coming days. So please, put on your walking shoes and come along.

Somebody was marking the spot with balloons, it seems.
The little blue house was across the street. It was begging to be included in this set, so I had to accommodate its request.
Another fine little home, worthy of a portrait peeping out from behind the trees.
A view of the street corner
I don’t know what the deal with the flags was. The corner of that building in the background is the Richmond Museum of Fine Arts. They probably had an event going on dealing with the civil war. Usually when you see the Confederate Flags out, these days, that is the subject. Many people take offense at a Confederate Flag, even though it is a part of American History, and should therefore be treated as such. I’m not sure about the significance of all of the flags shown … I guess, I shouldn’t publicly admit that, should I?
This is a more distant photo of the flag ceremony in question on the right side corner of the Museum building, facing it from across the street.
Some apartments tied into the home beside them via an arch through the alley.
A few more row houses … very typical in Richmond, Virginia.
Another apartment building
… and another apartment building beside more row houses.
Looking across the street, I saw these little brick beauties.
Looking up the street a ways, some businesses mixed with the houses were beginning to sneak into the picture.
On yet another corner, a little sidewalk cafe was hosting a full courtyard, while people in the vicinity went about their business.
Here is another typical Virginia home, I couldn’t leave out. This one screams Richmond, Virginia.

I took a lot of detail shots of some of the architectural features on these homes, which I’ll post soon, plus a few murals, taken elsewhere, and a few landscaped lawns that accompany some of the houses shown here.  I’ll divide them up and divvy them out a little at a time.  No need to overwhelm anyone.  But for those of you that have never been to Richmond, Virginia, I thought you might enjoy an overall view of a typical city block for the time being.  This is what the street looked like today:June 2, 2012.