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Here is today’s Daily Post suggestion/challenge and I’m sure I’m a day late, but his one is fun anyway, so here goes…. The idea is to recall a song by heart that sticks with you, and why. Song 1… Love Grows Where My Rose Mary Goes.   One of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard … so from memory, here goes… There’s something about her hand over mine It’s a feeling that’s fine And I just have to say-aaa She’s really got a magical spell and It’s working so well That I can’t get away Well, I’m a lucky feller And I just gotta teller That love grows where where my Rose Mary goes And nobody knows like me And you’ll just have to click the title link if you want to hear the song because I have forgotten the rest.

Olivia and Oscar enjoying the tunes.
Olivia and Oscar enjoying the tunes.

Quickly, three other songs I recall lines from are these; these lines speak for themselves, and have always stuck in my mind. Seasons change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry by … Simon and Garfunkel . from ‘A Hazy Shade of Winter’ You only dance on this earth for a short while   by Cat Stevens . from ‘Oh Very Young’ Someday, I’ll get my life straight … Alan Jackson … from the song ‘Someday’.  This song really hit hard for me, for awhile. Thank God, those days are over. Whew!

8 thoughts on “[New Post] By Heart”

    1. Hi Jerry, I had fun putting this post together, checking links, and listening to the songs I posted here. All of these songs take me back to the days of my youth.— back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.:)

  1. Wow Marcy! You and the Orples like all my favourite songs and artists as well. I love that song ‘Love grows where my Rosemary goes’. I am a country fan and of course all the oldies are my favourites. Great choices hon. :D

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