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Ride ‘um Orples

Olivia and Oscar have decided they want to learn to ride horses. Poor Oscar has lost his seating, it appears.  Olivia is trying to get the horse to slow down before Oscar does fall off.

Hang on there, Oscar! Don't fall off!

Of course if Riley (the dog) would go away, maybe the horse would slow down a little.  Let’s hope so, before Oscar hits the ground.  That would hurt, no doubt.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #5

Magi and I would stop on the trail for some welcomed refreshment. After a little drink, Magi liked to splash around a bit, playing in the cool water before continuing our journey.

Ready for a drink of water

On occasion, we’d both end up soaked.   It felt good on a hot summer day.

Reflections of An Autumn Day

This was one of my favorite ‘creek shots’.  The reflection of the sky overhead mirrored against the fallen leaves caught my eye and I simply had to try to capture the moment . . . before things changed.   Nature offers art as no man can.  Her colors are forever changing with the blowing winds, the change of the seasons, as the sun drops in the sky, or with the flow of water as it runs downstream.  The leaves dancing overhead fell softly on the waters surface on this day and were promptly carried away, only to be replaced by others.

The Watering Hole

If you look closely at the lower left corner of this shot, my horse’s nose peeped into the edge of the photograph.  We had stopped for a break and thus the beauty of this memory was captured for many to share.  Enjoy.

Turning Nature into Art

From Photo to Fabric Wall Hanging

The colors of Nature have always soothed my soul.  When I used to ride the trails for hours at a time, on occasion, I would take my camera to capture the beauty of the sights that were mine to enjoy. As all things do, I knew these days would pass, leaving me only memories to rekindle the joy I was experiencing at the moment. As I reflect back on those times now, I am grateful that I had the foresight to capture my memories on film (on in this case digital format). Some of my photos were taken specifically to use as a guide for various forms of artistic media. What better guide for color and content, than Mother Nature herself, when trying to capture the beauty of a landscape? The fabric wall hanging in the photo was inspired by one of my trail shots, although I admit I got a little frisky and added a few things that were not in the original photo. You’ll see beaded vines, and ‘button’ lovebirds sitting in the tree. The grass that extends beyond the fabric background is actually fancy yarn that gives the grass a 3-D effect and a few red ribbon flowers compliment the corded border.  I used a little embroidery to outline the leaves even though if I had it to do over again, I ‘d have used single strands of floss, so the leaves would be less defined. Oh well,  the whole point in creating art is to be creative, don’t you think?  Live and learn.