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Sunday Photo Challenge . Door

Doors, doors, everywhere are doors … good thing they are not all the same old, same old … these may not be the snazziest of doors, but they do have a character of their own, so with that thought in mind … here are a few doors to add to Jake’s challenge for this week.  These doors are all in Staunton, Virginia. Please enjoy.

There appears to be a drop down when you enter through this door, or else it was cut short to fit the entry? I’m not sure which the case might be. Hmmm?
Two doors . different, but complimentary of each other.
I thought here, the stoop was more interesting than the door, but others might not share my opinion. Such is life.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Pets

Magi gets the Top spot. He was/is (28 + years old,now … he was about 23 in the photo ) my number one. He was a wonderful friend, my fourth child, and the best trail partner a girl could ask for. He’d ride roadside at night, with lights blaring, or deep in the woods. We were trail mates for 19 years. You could pack this fine stead to the hilt, or double if the need arose, and Magi would carry the load.  Magi owns a piece of my heart and I hope if there is truly a heaven, Magi and I will meet again. I had to give Magi up due to the economy and for his better interest. He is in a happy, loving home with other horses to hang out with. I am sure his new owners love him as he deserves to be loved.

Beatrice Bunny (may she RIP) and Chicky Monster checking each other out. These are two of my adoptive critters, courtesy of my youngest son, when his ship sailed to answer the call of “Freedom Endurance”. At the time, it was a noble deed. Eventually, I set Beatrice free and she hung out with the gang, outdoors, for thirteen months thereafter, answering to the call of ‘kitty,kitty’. She died at about 5 years old. Something bit her, I think. Chicky Monster is old now. I’ve had him for 10 years … more of him to come. :)

This is Chicky Monster when I lived in Danville. He was so kind to pose for the photo, I had to post it. :) At that point Monster was about 5. I still have this cat, although he is getting old … like everybody else, I know. LOL.

Stray (may he RIP) asleep with Jacob.

I did a post about Stray already and used this same photograph, so it may look familiar.  I wish I’d taken more photos of Stray.

Abby … aka “Aaaa baaaaaah gail” .

At one point I owned a little horse property in Dinwiddie Country, Virginia.   Abby was my house warming gift from my son, Brice, when I first started setting up house/farmette keeping.   Abby was supposed to eat brush, but preferred horse feed and hay, so she ended up being a loved yard ornament.  Abby loved the horses, and managed to break her hind leg getting under them, so I had to have her leg set (a story in itself), then separate her from her friends.  She was not a happy Camperette at all.

April and Trixy

For those of you who have followed my blog for while, Trixy may be a familiar face already.  If you don’t recognize her, I did a post featuring Trixy.  I also gave her a spot in my orples books.   April was bought to be a companion goat for Abby.  April thought she was a dog and would not hesitate to jump up in your lap.  She was so funny, but a little terror, too.  With those sharp hoofs, she could tear things up.  As time went on, I built a sizable pen for Abby and April to run around freely in.

These are but a few of the many pets I’ve had throughout my life.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Work 2

Painting the Kitchen

Yesterday, my post on work was based on installing new windows in the main level of this same house. When I lived in Danville, I spent quite a bit of time and money renovating this old house. The house oozed with the charm of yesteryear. It was originally built in 1947. The existing wood floors were beautiful and the joists were laid diagonally, which is not a feature you often see in newer houses today. There was also a considerable amount of cross bracing throughout the house, which was a pain to deal with where plumbing was concerned, but it made for a structurally sound house. Structure always wins in my book. The Kitchen was originally off-white. Blah. I decided to dress it up a bit,adding a little color, to create a unique kitchen with a personality all its own.

I left the outside of the door white, although I did prime and repaint it, so the paint was fresh. Since this is early on in the project, I’d only primed the inside wood work at this point.
I was in the middle of priming the kitchen here. The old AC unit was still in the old window. The windows had not arrived for replacement at this point. This is the right rear view.
Here, I was moving along nicely, playing with the features in the wood work, and using my paint to add interest. I was winging it, so to speak and of course, hoping for the best. :) Of course Chicky Monster had to stop for lunch.  Supervising is hard work.
Here we are at that right rear view again, beginning to add red trim. I was trying to stretch my painter’s tape by reusing it until it was useless. I’m frugal. Note the use of old plans for drop cloths … after they were used here, they were recycled.  Waste not, want not.
Again, we have the right rear corner it view. It’s beginning to take on some personality now. Who wants the same old kitchen that everyone else has anyway?
Switching over to the left rear corner, you can see that I didn’t totally dismantle the kitchen to paint. Some stuff got shoved to the side and draped with plastic. After all, I still needed to eat while I worked. This project took me about 3 weeks to finish, since I was working some drafting jobs at the same time I was renovating the house.
Still looking at the left rear view, you can see the kitchen is now put back together for the time being. The light overhead messed this shot up a little.
Okay, now we’re back at the right rear corner. By now you can get a feel for the finished project. Note that the windows are opened, so the grills aren’t apparent.

Again, not the best photograph … sorry about that, but this shot gives a somewhat 3-D effect of the finished project. The pantry and backdoor are behind me of course, but I’m sure if you use your imagination you can visualize the final outcome.

Okay, now comes the day of reckoning … Good, bad, or indifferent, how do you like my updated kitchen?  If you don’t like it, please say so. You won’t  hurt my feelings any.