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The Orples Get New V-Tech Smart Watches

The Orples tagged along over to Amazon’s site to try to find some toys for the grand-critters and look at what they found. Who knew these things even existed? There’s a little digital camera hidden in those buttons and everything. The cool thing about their Amazon Listing is that they have zoom features where you can toggle over the image and get a real close look at what this watch can do.

Click Here to go to Amazon's site to check this little puppy out.
Click Here to go to Amazon’s site to check this little puppy out.

It is amazing how different things are now. When I was a kid, having a telephone was a big deal.  Computers were just coming out when my children were children, and now five-year-old kids can be photographers among other things.  And yes, this little watch does tell time.  This thing is amazing and the way Amazon sets their site up, you can watch a video, and check out all of the features right there.  Better yet, there is still time to nab one before Christmas.