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I have seen the light, Ron Paul in 2002, Ron Paul NOW.

These videos should be watched by all, not just Americans.  We are all humans first. Remember that. The people and the governments are two different things.

I offer apologies to any of you out there who genuinely miss the Orples.  They are out playing today, as I thought their tender ears; their innocent souls, if you will,  need not be exposed to  ‘adult’ issues, since in truth, they are only fictional characters, a creation of my imagination, and they need not be present for me to present this post offering to anyone who cares to listen today. It is important to separate truth from FICTION.

This is important, and unless we as HUMAN SOULS do something, SOONER, rather that latter, it may well be too late. We have it within our beings to peacefully reclaim our freedoms —- worldwide, by simply saying ‘NO’.  The issue that haunts us all, the issue at hand involves REAL humanity and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as are given to us by a higher power. Call that higher power what you will, but over the past two weeks, my higher power has had my attention. I hope, too, no matter what nation you live in, you will tune into your higher power too. Something is NOT right.

The above is a speech that Dr. Paul made on the floor of Congress in 2002. Watch it and you will  see how right he was , here, twelve years later.

Now … before the fact, let’s see what Dr. Paul’s upcoming predictions are. ….

Think about it.

I will be taking a break for awhile. It is not because I don’t care, or I don’t genuinely care about those of you I have come to know via cyberspace. It is because I have been sidetracked by some ‘real’ issues that need my immediate attention. I will try to be back soon with the Orples. In the meantime, blessings to you and yours are being sent to you all.


Off to support my Candidate

I decided to make my post for today relative to my activities for the day.  A couple of months ago, I signed up to become a Ron Paul Delegate. This morning, I’ll be meeting with other delegates to nominate our Candidate to Send to Tampa, Florida.  The following clips are to familiarize you with Dr. Paul’s platform if you are not familiar already. There is still a chance to save America and I hope the people are smart enough to take that chance and put a REAL President in the White House. If I had three wishes, Ron Paul as our next President would be one of those wishes. Go to the last 40 minutes (2 nd video)or so, if you want to know why. With Dr. Paul at the helm, we might actually be able to live in peace, at least as far as America is concerned. Check him out. :)

Weekly Photo Challenge . Real Hope for 2012

I swore I wasn’t going to get into Politics on my blog, but with the subject matter being “hope” and the political atmosphere being what it is, I couldn’t resist putting in my two cents.  Ron Paul has renewed my hope that we might be able to reclaim our Nation, our Constitution, and our rights, so I would like to give him the acknowledgement that he deserves.

Dr. Paul is doing pretty good, despite the fact the GOP wishes he would go away. They like Candidates on the team that will play their game and Ron Paul is not for sale.  Some people think Dr. Paul is too old to run.   He’s challenged his running mates to a 20 mile bike ride and so far, he doesn’t have any takers, so I would think age is not a problem.  Think of all of that wisdom that comes with it.

It looks like I’m not alone.  Nationwide, Dr. Paul fills the house at his speaking events.  People are hearing the message of freedom and experiencing the hope that one day we will get America back!