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Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #5

Magi and I would stop on the trail for some welcomed refreshment. After a little drink, Magi liked to splash around a bit, playing in the cool water before continuing our journey.

Ready for a drink of water

On occasion, we’d both end up soaked.   It felt good on a hot summer day.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #4

Ready to ride!

My friend, Don on Traveler, & me on Magi, years ago in Chesterfield, County, Va.  This was the blizzard of 2000.  In Virginia, 10″ of snow brings things to a screeching halt unless, of course, you have a buddy with a 4-wheel drive vehicle and a good horse.   I’ll never forget this particular day.  It was soooooooo cold outside, but we had a ball.  I’d pulled Magi’s shoes, leaving him barefoot for the winter so  his feet wouldn’t pack with snow or ice and off we went.  Magi was always particularly spunky during cold whether and he loved to frolic in the snow.  That made two of us.

I had so many clothes on that day, I had to stand on top of the hitching post to climb aboard.  The upside to winter is that if you fall off your horse, you have plenty of padding when you hit the ground.  LOL.  Thankfully, there were no falls that day, just lots of fun for us all.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #3

Greetings new friends and fellow bloggers . . . Okay, so this isn’t really a photo. But it does suggest ‘ready’ . The orples (Olivia and Oscar) are READY TO BE DISCOVERED! This is page one  (unedited)  of my  next book “The Orples Make A Tree Home” where a new life begins for the orples.  In book 2 of my ‘orples series’, the orples (now having the traits of humans) require modified living arrangements to satisfy their new mobility.

Ready to begin a new life

I thought today, I would mix it up a bit and share my adventures creating adventures for kids in my upcoming books.  As time goes on, you are invited to travel along with me as these books unfold.  If you like my work and want to check out more, please feel free to preview pasts posts, mostly on the original book in this series “How Orples Came To Be” to date.   Just check out my “Orples Overview Category”. . . I recommend you start at the bottom of the posts and work your way up the list since they appear in the order I posted them. This past week, I’ve been editing this manuscript (now being professionally edited, in case I missed something) and tweaking the drawings.  In the plot above, ‘you’ needs to be ‘your’ in one instance and the page number needs to drop into the lower border.  Once I’ve written a manuscript, I go back and do preliminary layouts fitting the drawings and the text together so that the two go hand in hand in telling my stories.  It is easier for me to keep up if I print out a prototype as I go.  Sometimes I end up with several versions as I tweak my way to final publication. Back in the day, when I stocked the shelves with books for my own children, they tended to enjoy lots of pictures scattered among the pages.  So did I.  Sooooo ….. now, I try to include spot drawings, along with a few full page illustrations here and there among the words in my own books.   For those children too young to read to themselves, it helps them follow along.  Even as an older child, I liked having pictures to help me keep my place in my book should I be interrupted before finishing the story; I think that is why I work with prototypes now. Once my professional edit is returned, I am hoping to get this book on the market DIRECTLY through Amazon.com in soft cover and e-book.  If anyone has kids and you’re looking for a different book to share . . . hint, hint … here you go.  And of course, I’m trying to bring morality and manners back to an extent in my writings.  I shudder in horror sometimes at the books and toys that the children today find amusing.   What ever happened to ‘Tom and Jerry’, or the ‘Road Runner’ (which was considered violent in its day)?  Although, to be fair, I’ve also seen some lovely new books on the market that are sure to become classics.  Here’s hoping that will be the case with my upcoming series.  Please join me on my adventures periodically as I squeeze my latest achievements in among my other interests.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready #2

Magi was ready for me, but I wasn’t ready for him. In the meantime, he decide to enjoy his treats.

Ready to tack up and go.

We were getting ready to ride those wonderful Halifax County trails.  Magi was always ready before me.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Ready

This dog belonged to the people that owned the farm I boarded Magi on in Halifax County, Va. The sunlight speckling the specked dog was a shot I couldn’t resist. I always smile when I look at this picture. I hope you do too.

Ready for a belly rub.