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The Orples Take A Walk In The Woods Looking For Containers.

Olivia and Oscar are wandering through the woods enjoying the Breezes at Dawn.  It appears they have found an old can that needs to be set up straight while strolling along  on Robin’s blog.   They have been looking for a container to keep some of the toys they are accumulating in since Olivia can not stand to see anything out of place.

Olivia can't stand to see anything out of place. Poor Oscar has no choice but to help her out.
Olivia can’t stand to see anything out of place. Poor Oscar has no choice but to help her out.

Maybe they should just buy a new container? They found  a really cool toy box on Amazon (and this one won’t rust). It not only holds toys, it has a removable lid that double as a lap board for the artist in your child. Oscar should love that!  Come join us as we shop or perhaps you might like to visit the neighbors instead? We will leave that decision up to you.  In the meantime, enjoy your day and thank you for stopping by for a visit with us.

The Orples Go To A Texas Parade With Horses and Cows Running Rampant

Today the Orples are going to plant you smack dab into a Rodeo Carousel. Once you get there, you will find yourself visiting Amy. Amy thinks the world is a book, and she might be right.  If you use the arrow keys you can go back and forth through the numerous photos Amy has posted. Or simply hit ‘ESCAPE’ once you are on Amy’s blog, to escape the carousel mode, and peruse her entire post.

The Orples are hanging out in Texas with Amy.
The Orples are hanging out in Texas with Amy.

If you would like to check out some of our other adventures, then feel free to visit our neighbors, or come with me as I wander on over to Amazon to  admire today’s find,  posted on Toys the Orples Recommend.  Keep scrolling down until you see the Rocking Horse  on that page.

The Orples Want To Crochet Their Own Hand Made Afgan

The Orples couldn’t have picked a better time to visit Colline’s blog and get the incentive to make their very own afghan. Colline made this beauty as a Christmas gift for her son — lucky guy! —  and she has quite a few photos of it on her site to share with anyone who cares to visit her.  Please tell her we said ‘hello’ if you go see Colline.

In the meantime, the Orples and I are going to head over to  Amazon. They have  Lion’s brand woolease yarn on sale  for $2.99 a skein (at this writing).

Those artsy Orples are admiring Collines handiwork.
Those artsy Orples are admiring Colline’s handiwork.

Believe me, that is a GREAT deal on that particular yarn. I love Lion’s brand anyway, but this yarn is particularly nice since it offers the warmth of wool, but the ease of care as seen in acrylic yarns — it is machine washable and you can toss it in the dryer too.  I couldn’t help but share this info for all of you knitting/crocheting/craft nuts out there who just can’t get enough yarn to play with (Jackie, are you paying attention?).  After we are done shopping, I think we’ll stroll back through the neighborhood and see what our neighbors are up to, and maybe let them know about our latest Amazon find.



The Orples Admire A Paper-cut Greeting Card

Who knows what goes on insidethemindofIsobella? Who cares? Izzy comes up with some wonderful posts and here is a classic example of what we are talking about. The Orples are admiring a paper-cut greeting card we found on her blog.  Poor Oscar has gotten stuck. That figures. He was seriously talking about buying some fancy scissors so he can go home and try his hand at making a few things himself. However, it seems curiosity has gotten him sidetracked a wee bit.

The Orples are captivated by Izzy's beautiful paper-cut card.
The Orples are captivated by Izzy’s beautiful paper-cut card.

I’m sure Oscar will get unstuck if he listens to Olivia’s advice.  But just in case he doesn’t, why waste time waiting for him? I’ll be visiting the neighbors while Oscar figures how how to make a card of his own.

The Orples Take A Walk In Turkey

After all of their dancing yesterday over at Dolly’s place, the Orples are ready to take a relaxing walk with Uncle Spike in Turkey. It appears Olivia and Oscar have discovered a dry irrigation ditch shadowed by the late afternoon sun.

The Orples are lingering in the shadows waiting for Uncle Spike to join them.
The Orples are lingering in the shadows waiting for Uncle Spike to join them.

I think maybe they might need a comfortable pair of walking shoes if they intend to take a long walk, and with all of the photos Uncle Spike has posted, they might be awhile.  My feet hurt just thinking about all the walking the Orples are in for.  Thus, as usual, I think I will confine my stroll through our own neighborhood, right  here in Orpleland. :)

The Orples Go Disco Dancing With Dolly

Leave it to Dolly  over at allaboutlemon to come up with a new adventure for the Orples to partake in. Disco dancing! Talk about a blast from the past.  Those two are  meeting all kinds of new characters over on Dolly’s blog. You should go introduce yourselves, and tell Dolly we sent you, if you will please, when you get there. Olivia likes dancing so much, she’s talking about heading on over to Amazon for some dancing shoes.

The Orples are learning to Disco Dance with Dolly
The Orples are learning to Disco Dance with Dolly

Seeings how I am too old for such nonsense, and the Orples are obviously having a ball, I’ll visit the neighbors, in search of a place to sit down, while I wait for them to finish partying.

The Orples Visit Boracay Island In The Philippines

The Orples are looking for Ren  to emerge from her space while they wade in the translucence waters kissing the shores of Boracay Island.  Olivia is contemplating buying sunglasses to protect her eyes from all of that sunshine.


While those lucky Orples enjoy paradise, I think I’ll backtrack through the neighborhood and beyond to see what else these two loveable little creatures have been up to lately.

The Orples Play Hopscotch On Their New Rug They Found On Amazon

Okay guys, for those of you who have children, and/or grandchildren, check out these rugs. I get sidetracked so easily, looking for one thing, and finding another. This is a find worthy of a share if you ask me, thus I am sharing.

It doesn't take much to make the orples happy.
It doesn’t take much to make the Orples happy.

In addition to hopscotch, Amazon is promoting rugs with world maps, a map of the United States, a rug with the alphabet on it to teach the little ones the basics, and many other designs. The Orples can’t wait to try some of them out.

Right now (as of this post date) these little rugs are on sale, so now is a good time to nab one if you’re interested. Feel free to click on the green links to take you directly to the rug in question. They are all colorful and fun in their own way. I am sure any of them would be a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom serving a dual purpose.

The Orples Enjoy A Boat Full of Flowers

Today’ we are visiting Sylvia, to enjoy another day in Paradise. Sylvia does get around, and she most certainly comes up with some delightful posts. If you’ve not yet visited with Sylvia, you don’t know what you’ve missed, I assure you.

The Orples love flowers no matter where they may grow.
The Orples love flowers no matter where they may grow.

I hope Oscar doesn’t get in trouble eating Sylvia’s flowers. Leave it to him to come up with new ways to get into trouble. While the Orples are playing in the flowers, I will revisit the neighbors as usual.

The Orples Discover Beehive Ginger

Yellow painted pine cones? Nope. You are being transported to the Tropical Flower Zone.  Maria boasts some pretty cool flowers on her blog.

Olivia and Oscar are visiting Maria. She focuses on some pretty spectacular flowers on her blog.
Olivia and Oscar are visiting Maria. She focuses on some pretty spectacular flowers on her blog.

I think while the Orples are checking out Maria’s Beehive Ginger, I will circle back to reflect on some of our recent neighborhood visits.