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A city block at ground level . Richmond, Virginia.

Yesterday, I went to Richmond to pop off a few shots to share with those who have never visited our State’s capitol city. I chose to focus on the basic street views for yesterday’s post to give you an overall feel of the surroundings.  Today’s post will cover the ground at our feet as we wall along the street. Enjoy your stroll, please.

The wrought iron railing adds charm to the brick and keeps dogs off of the lawn.
Petunias add a spark of color to the surrounding foliage.
Brick planters edge the sidewalk, defining the flowerbeds in some cases. A step up landing eases the entry into the lovely old homes, lining the street.
The fencing in the back ground of this open lawn compliment the brick and tile work leading into the adjoining home. It also conceals backyard actives, allowing a little privacy from the street.
Different brick adds accent to yet another sidewalk flowerbed,complimenting the home beyond.
Passing the local Temple, the stairs going down to the basement caught my eye. So, snap,snap.
This lovely little example of landscape architecture beckoned from across the street.
… so I crossed the street and caught a different angle.
Rounding the corner, the contrast in brickwork demanded my attention, so what could I do, but comply with its demand?
Brick stairs, with wide ledges, invite guests into this old home. An attached arch marks the alley entrance for those who choose to bypass the house.
Some of the alleys between the homes aren’t wide enough to allow reasonable access. Here is one solution to that problem, when the alley is of little use.
A courtyard to the side of this lovely old home boasts some simple landscaping for passersby.
Here a nice little patio serves as the front yard. No doubt a nice place for friends to gather informally on a beautiful day.
Blue Hydrangeas are the focal point of entry for this handsome home.
Walking down the street, a little further, the occupant’s of this home decided natural brick was not for them, so they added a splash of color to their sturdy home. The porch railings set this home apart from its neighbors as well.
The owners of this home decided to use a living ornament to welcome guests into their home. This friendly fellow curiously watched me as I snapped his portrait.
These steps didn’t leave much room for landscaping with plants, but a pot here and there compensated for the lack of yard.
Heading back to the car, I passed the Temple again. Looking down, this is an alternate, but interesting view. A wee bit different from the shot I presented earlier.
As I headed up the sidewalk, basement windows edged the sidewalk.
Tucked back, from the corner extrusion, stairs leading into a side wing of the Temple presented themselves. These stairs look like they are meant to carry heavy traffic for years to come.
And finally, on the way back to the car, here are those colorful little Petunias again, as shown from a different point of view. The edgings along the sidewalk tie the residences to each other beautifully. Because of our abundant clay soil, brick is a popular building material in our most of our Virginia cities.

Oscar, the Artist

Oscar has decided to try his hand at painting.  He had to rig some scaffolding from the tree to be able to reach his canvas.  Evidently, it is not easy being an orple.  Meanwhile, now that Olivia has learned to read, she is reading her books, and enjoying being outside on such a beautiful day.

Oscar is very talented, it seems.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Shelter #3

I am obviously loving Jake’s theme this week. This one is almost as ‘up my alley’ as the landscape theme a few weeks back. So here is another example of shelter, I felt worthy of sharing with my fellow bloggers. Please enjoy. :)

Christmas on a farm in Chesterfield County, Va.

This was another one of those photos I had to turn around, go back, and shoot. A stable with animals (mostly horses,no less) and a Christmas Wreath on the window above? Hmmm, I couldn’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to add this little number to my collection of roadside shots.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Shelter

Jake has managed to come up with another fine challenge this week. And so, what can I do, but submit my idea of shelter?

A farm building used to shelter the hay until it is needed. Henry County, Virginia.

Here is a humble example of storage. I love these old buildings that have been around for years and are still providing shelter from the elements.

Weekly Photo Challenge . Journey

I hope trail rides count as journeys, because that’s what I’ve got to offer. In this case we rode in the mountains of North Carolina. This was the “Love Valley” ride. We spent four days camping under the stars with our horses.

On top of the mountain

‘T’ posts and wire were used to make a corral for the horses,when we weren’t riding them. A waterfall about 5 miles away was our shower, and the town, which provided nightly entertainment on the weekends, was closed to motor vehicles. The streets were lined with hitching posts and wooden sidewalks. There were tack shops, a farrier, a saloon, complete with pool table, dart boards,and a live band. There was a supply/grocery store and some souvenir shops lining the streets. The trails began on the ‘other’ side of town.

If not a journey, these four days were definitely an experience.

No Longer There

When I took this photo, I was basically snapping off memories while out riding Magi one day, about 5 years ago.  I had no idea when I took this shot that the little house sitting on top of the hill would soon be lost to a fire.

The house on the hill ... that was.

The farm’s caretakers lived in the house before it burned.  Thankfully, they escaped the fire unharmed, but they lost everything they owned. The owners of the farm replaced the original structure with a mobile home. A piece of local history was lost forever, and a home was destroyed.  But still, proof exists that the house indeed once stood on the hill.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Pleasure #3

Jacob was really getting the hang of riding ‘all by himself’. A good horse is a terrific confidence booster for kids.

Magi and Jacob riding in the ring.

Magi was a little spoiled, if you look closely, you’ll see his ‘treats’ tied to the side of the bareback pads. He liked cherry tomatoes, broccoli, watermelon, cantaloupe, fruit loops,apples, carrots, and whatever else was sitting around in the kitchen. Magi was a regular garbage disposal. I think his colorful diet is why, at almost 27 years old (now), he is still a healthy horse. In the photo above, he is about 22 years old, Jacob was 5.

Dappled Path

I just wanted to welcome in the month of March and wish everyone a Blessed Month. May each of you be dappled with sunshine as you follow your own paths in life. It will be a busy day today (still trying to get my book ready to publish … duty calls), so If you leave a remark, and I don’t answer, it doesn’t mean I don’t care. Please have a lovely day and be happy. :)

Another of my riding trails at the farm in Halifax County, Va.

Sunday Photo Challenge. Landscape #3

I know, yesterday was Sunday, but I wanted to continue the theme, so here’s another landscape to add to the old portfolio of shots. Please enjoy.

Cabin on the hill . Henry County, Virginia

Below is the same cabin, but a different view

Cabin on the Hill . zoomed in view.

Obviously, I like that humble little cabin, and the colors surrounding it. There is something about the simplicity of the country that begs to be captured in film.