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Weekly Photo Challenge . Hope. #2

Okay, I admit it, this page is from the prototype of my book, but I couldn’t resist entering it anyway. Olivia runs into all sorts of situations where hope is a key factor in the storyline. This page represents one such scenario. The font in the printed book varies from the prototype, but otherwise, the  story is the same.

Run Olivia! Don't give up hope!

Reflections of An Autumn Day

This was one of my favorite ‘creek shots’.  The reflection of the sky overhead mirrored against the fallen leaves caught my eye and I simply had to try to capture the moment . . . before things changed.   Nature offers art as no man can.  Her colors are forever changing with the blowing winds, the change of the seasons, as the sun drops in the sky, or with the flow of water as it runs downstream.  The leaves dancing overhead fell softly on the waters surface on this day and were promptly carried away, only to be replaced by others.

The Watering Hole

If you look closely at the lower left corner of this shot, my horse’s nose peeped into the edge of the photograph.  We had stopped for a break and thus the beauty of this memory was captured for many to share.  Enjoy.

Handmade Orples

To go with my book, I decided to make some handmade orples and will be selling them on Etsy, so if you know anyone with kids that might enjoy having the characters to accompany the story, I’d love to accommodate their needs.

Orples with the book announcing their arrival

All of these little orples are handmade, so their facial expressions may vary.  Olivia has a pink crocheted ribbon and two leaves.  Oscar has one leaf as a beard to differentiate the two.

Orples and oranges in a basket.

I sometimes wonder what an original handmade “Sponge Bob” doll would be worth now, so figured in the event my book takes off,  I’d make a few sets of dolls for those that may want them as collectors items.  Although, these little characters can be machine washed and dried so they are just as suitable as toys for the wee ones.  Either way, they are original. It is my hope that once I get a few sequel books out, orples will catch on and become a household word. My next two books … “The Orples Make A Tree Home” and “The Orples Learn To Read” . . .  will probably start out as e-books formatted for Kindle readers prior to becoming print copies later. For anyone seeing potential in these little guys, here is your chance to get in on the ground floor. See you on Etsy! Just type in keyword “Orples”.  If you order a set through Etsy, your book will come directly from me, so I can dedicate it to whomever you desire to personalize your package.

Insight into “How Orples Came To Be” . Part 3

In this scene, Olivia has been transformed into an orple and is trying to escape the clutches of Mr. Zimp before he realizes she exists . . .

Run Olivia, run!

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Insight into “How Orples Came To Be” … Part 1

Olivia (an intelligent little orange) is about to be picked from her tree.   Now, her life is really getting ready to change. What am I talking about? Why “orples”, of course.  Jack, an only child, and Olivia are about to become unlikely friends as events unfold in this new book.  “How Orples Came To Be” (63 color illustrated pages) begins the series of orples adventures.  My publishers list it as a children’s book, but I think it is appropriate for anyone 8 – 80. There are lots of subtle little lessons hidden between the lines that apply to us all dealing with friendship, loneliness, loyalty, and that nagging little battle we all sometimes experience when right and wrong are not easily separated.  The story description is a little different on Amazon’s site and by my publisher.  Both summaries are correct.  The alternate version focuses more on the story itself.

You can buy the book by through Amazon.com’s website, linked by the book’s title or click here.

Update as of March 21, 2012

Links added …  insight into How Orples Came To Be”

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… part 4   posted on January 9, 2012

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Available now!

Orple Series . Book 2 … “The Orples Make A Tree Home”  is now available on Amazon.Com.  in soft cover .  37 (color illustrated) pages.   Now that the orples are free from their tree, they have new needs.  This book tells the tale of how the orples transformed in the Treasure Tree, into a home.  Come along as they carry out their first goal.

More insight into this book on blog postThe Orples Make A Tree Home“.

 Orple Series . Book 3 … The Orples Learn To Read.  The third book in the Orples Trilogy encourages children to want to read and learn.  Olivia is a little book worm longing to explore the wonders of our world through the pages of a book.