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[New Post] Literate for a Day

This is a daily post suggestion which is perfect for an orple-keeper, such as myself. Except, we’ll have to pretend that Olivia can’t read, so you guys play along, and don’t tell the folks setting the challenge. I don’t want to get disqualified for some silly little white lie. This is all in pretend anyway. So I think I’ll write to Olivia and tell her what I’m up to, Oscar can read along with her, to keep him in the loop. Although Oscar usually tags along for the adventure. He’s happy with about most any activity Olivia and I choose to participate in.

Hey Everybody, check this out.
Hey Everybody, check this out.

Dear Olivia (and Oscar), While I have some super photographs myself that I can use to propel my blog, what do you think of the idea of inviting other bloggers to join us? I was thinking you and Oscar could borrow photos from other people’s blogs. Remember that blog we did yesterday entitled ‘What in the World?’ Sonel loved to see her work with you and Oscar serving as host. We can link back to anyone’s blog who wants to share. Robin, over at Reflectionsformysoul, wants to jump on this bandwagon, too, so we’re already building an audience. Are you and Oscar willing to work with me here? Just as I am asking other people’s permissions to use their stuff, I want to be sure it is cool with you, too. So be sure and speak up now. Drop me a line when you get time and let me know if you and Oscar are up to the task. I am looking forward to a speedy reply, Your loving friend and orple-keeper, Marcy P.S. Please tell any blogger you run into, the invitation is open to them to jump in on the fun. They’ll just need to let me know if they’d like to share their work. Thanks for spreading the world. .

[New Post] Blogging 101 . Your Dream Reader . Part 1… Brides

As an author, I have penned two categories of books to date. Both genres are introduced, sometimes, together, on this blog as my regular followers already know. My point being; two genres, two audiences, two parts to satisfy for yesterday’s blogging assignment. Keep in mind, I am a day behind. Continue reading [New Post] Blogging 101 . Your Dream Reader . Part 1… Brides

[New Post] What In The World?

Last night, I was admiring Sonel’s lovely roses, and with her permission, The orples and I snagged a beautiful closeup shot she’d captured with her camera. The orples are wondering what they are looking at. Do you know? Are you curious? Well, all I can say is go see Sonel, if you want to find out what the orples  are ‘oohing and ahhing’ over now.

Olivia and Oscar admiring Sonel's marvelous talents.
Olivia and Oscar admiring Sonel’s marvelous talents.

If you’d like to be included in my blog, let me know. Of course, I’ll credit your work back to you if we play in your mudpuddle. Be aware, that I’m contemplating (time, being the major factor) pulling a book together with these little drawings, so you may see your work out there in orpleland, with your permission of course. Please clue me in as to how you feel about ‘orple’ exposure. Olivia loves playing with new friends, so the more the merrier. Let me know. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to Sonel with tons of gratitude for posting such beautiful photos, so worthy of sharing. ;) Please feel free to ping back, hint, hint.

[New Post] photography 101: Street (Wheeler’s Pond Road, Dinwiddie Va)

This is a street I used to drive everyday to go to work.  It is one of the three roads forming the Five Forks intersection in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. One of the last battles critical in bringing the American Civil War to an end happened on the battlefields surrounding this intersection on April 1, 1865. Eight days later the Civil War came to an end in Appomattox, Va.  For anyone interested, this link will take you to an article on Wikipedia explaining the significance of this skirmish between the North and the South. The Ranger Station, straight ahead, has been demolished for whatever reason since this photo was taken. The barn on the left was still there the last time I drove through this intersection, about two years ago.  I used to own a little piece of  horse property two or three miles from this intersection, and often rode Magi through this area, especially during hunting season, since the entire area is posted ‘No Hunting’. And of course it is always safer to ride roadside when the hunters are hunting and your horses color favors a deer. Some hunters will shoot at anything that moves, but that’s another story for another time.

Olivia and Oscar exploring Wheeler's Pond Road, heading toward Five Forks Battefield, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.
Olivia and Oscar exploring Wheeler’s Pond Road, heading toward Five Forks Battlefield, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

Below is a map of where the orples are relative to the intersection. Olivia is all about learning about every subject under the sun. And she loves to share the information with others. Feel free to follow the links for more information as your curiosity inspires you. 5_forks_Sat_View