The Orples Make A Tree Home

Please let me introduce book 2 of the orples series, now available through I’ve been working on this book for awhile now and finally have the softcover version self-published. The e-book version is still in the works, but should be available shortly for anyone that is interested. Please feel free to click on the link, if more no other reason than to help me up my numbers in the search engines on Amazon. It will be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, here is a peek into my newest book “The Orples Make A Tree Home.

The front cover
The dedication page

My first book “How Orples Came To Be” was published through Strategic Publishing and tells the story, as the title suggests, how orples transformed from oranges into little orange-people. It focuses on loneliness, friendship, belief in one’s dreams, and touches on the bond between the importance of the parent and child relationship. “How Orples Came To Be” begins in the Treasure Tree and ends at the Treasure Tree, but for the most part, the scene is set inside the Zimp household. This blog is about the next book, and the first adventure the orples experience, now that they their dreams of mobility have been fulfilled. Thus the story begins ….

Olivia and Oscar's first morning, waking up in the Treasure Tree

This book also focuses on friendship and fulfilling goals. Now that the orples are not directly connected to their tree, as they were when they were oranges, their needs have changed. They have obstacles to overcome. With Jack’s help, they set and fulfill several goals to turn the tree into a home.

With branches marked, the trio is off to find materials to make beds with. The first order of the day.

The pages I’ve posted here are from my un-edited prototype, so mistakes have been corrected, and in some cases, the text has been reworded. I had a wonderful editor at Amazon, and she really added the necessary polish to bring out the scenes, without re-writing my story. She also corrected my horrible punctuation. What would we do with out editors? But alas, I am getting sidetracked here … back to the story.

Hmmm, What might be found in the tool shed?

Obviously, Jack and the orples are putting their heads together to create a functional little home for the orples to enjoy. They are leaving no stone unturned as they explore the potential materials on hand to achieve their goals.

A trip to the creek.

Once they’ve found a container, it is time to fill it up and make sure there are no leaks.

Searching for food.

You may recognize this drawing from an entry I posted under the subject of landscapes a couple of weeks back. But this is part of the book, so here it is again.

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  1. Our friends are back with a new adventure. Thanks for introducing the world to Orples. Be well Marcy and of course, God Bless. :)

    1. Thank you. I am glad you do. When I look at some of the ‘real illustrators’ out there, I have to wonder if my drawings are up to par, if you know what I mean. I like to draw my own stuff though, because it gives me more control and originality of my books. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment, it is greatly appreciated.

  2. Your illustrations are beautiful! They definitely set your work apart thanks to your unique style. I hope you don’t mind my asking, what age group is this book for? And it’s so wise of you to use the services of an editor. Some self-published authors skip this step, but they pay for it dearly afterwards.

    1. Hey Natalie,
      These books are geared for an audience from about 9 – 12 years of age. I do think “How Orples Came To Be”, my first book, is appropriate for ages 8 – 80 though, since it has deals with a lot of emotional issues (even though not obvious) that we can all identify with. As far as using an editor goes … I wouldn’t publish without one. I know my punctuation is horrible, and this last editor did a little tweaking here and there, that really helped the story flow better. I was thrilled with her services. Thanks for stopping by and checking me out. I appreciate the feedback, and after having seen your art work, am flattered that you like mine. ;)

    1. Hey Hook, thanks for the visit. It’s too bad you’re not into kid’s books. You simply don’t know what you are missing. ;) This is just the beginning … I hope. :)

  3. Marcy, this is absolutely stunning! Wow sweetie! I am in awe of your talent and the lovely drawings and I know your book will sell like crazy! It’s absolutely beautiful hon! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Wow, Sonel! I hope others are as enthusiastic as you are over my books. You have no idea how much your encouragement means. I am so glad that you like them. And thank you for the re-blog, and as always, your visit. It means so much to have you stop by and comment. :) Hugs back at you.

  4. Reblogged this on Sonel's Corner and commented:
    A Book every child should have today. You stories and illustrations are absolutely stunning Marcy! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. :) *hugs & blessings*

    1. Thank you. These books have been a long time coming, for sure. Now onto marketing (which I know nothing about). This should be fun. But at least now, I have something to sell. Thanks for stopping by,for the congrats, and the wish for luck. I am hoping my efforts will pay off eventually.

    1. Thank you so much, Rebekah. I do appreciate your stopping by and paying a visit. I’m glad you like my work. You encouragement means a lot, I assure you. :)

    1. Thank you for the kudos, Madhu … it gives me hope to have such positive feedback on my work. I pray these books will take off. The content is designed to teach encouraging little lessons to kids as they read, but there is lots of competition out there, so I hope they don’t get lost in the shuffle (so to speak). As always, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is appreciated.

  5. This is lovely! The illustrations are so perfect for children – bright and colorful. I especially love that orange tree, with the bright oranges and green leaves. The tool shed is really cool, plenty for kids to browse through, and that last picture with the sun going down is so pretty. They’re all fantastic. I think it’s wonderful that you’ve done this, now on a second book. Good for you!!

    1. Greetings Judee, Once I get the e-book to this one done, I hope to direct my attention to Book 3 … “The Orples Learn To Read”. In the meantime, I so appreciate the encouragement from you, and my other fellow bloggers. It gives me hope that this series might indeed catch on. I’ve seen so many marvelous illustrations by ‘real’ artists, that I’ve been worried my drawings aren’t up to par. But so far, people have liked them. Thank you so much for stopping by, for a visit and for cheering me on. It means the world to me. So, Again, Thank you.

  6. You are a very talanted and gifted woman. Love your story. Looking foeward to reading new book. When I get a chance will get the other one. Ran into a pretty hetic time right now, getting ready for trip.


    1. Thank you Francine for all of your encouragement. If you do read my books, I’d love to know how you like them. I am gearing up on a third book, which still needs to be edited … “The Orples Learn To Read”, that will be book 3 (so far) in the series.

      In the meantime, I hope you have a fun and safe trip.
      I hope you find time to relax while you are away. Blessings to you, Marcy

  7. Wonderful, fascinated me your creative book. Congraatulations and Good Luck. Thank you, it was nice to meet you, (in dear Sonel’s beautiful blog) with my love, nia

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Nia and checking me out, Nia. It thrills me that you enjoy my work, and I appreciate the wishes for luck. While I do have faith in my books content, I think marketing and making people aware will be a challenge. In the meantime, I appreciate you kind words. Have a lovely day, and again thank you for your visit. Marcy

    1. Thank you Andrea, you have no idea how much your encouragement means to me! I hope one day that this series will take off. I’m in the middle of book 3 of the “orples series’ right now, and if these do well, I hope to add more sequels as time unfolds. Thanks for your visit! :)

    1. Good Morning Susan, and thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am currently working on “The Orples Learn To Read”. This book is meant to inspire children to seek knowledge in books. I am trying to make all of my books, kid friendly, with little lessons and manners tucked between the pages. Hopefully, this series will take off. It’s a matter of making people aware that orples have arrived. LOL! So please, tell your friends! :)

    1. Thank you Ledia. I am so flattered you think so. My mother and two of my sisters were/are professional artists. I consider myself more of a ‘wanna be’. I do like having control over my illustrations ,though, which is why I do my own drawings. I can fit the scenes in with the manuscripts, and tweak as I go. I’m really happy that people seem to like my work. Your opinion means a lot. So again, thank you. ;)

      1. I am a wanna be artist for sure. Right now I seem to able to see genius in others. Hopefully someday I will be considered good. At present, I focus mostly on my writing ability. Your little orples are truly adorable.

        1. I’m glad you like these little guys, Ledia. I hope (I pray) the rest of the world will too. I am constantly working on bettering my art. I wish Mom were still here to help guide me along. She used to give me such wonderful advice, and of course, inspiration. I wish I’d taken art more seriously years ago. But alas, life is a day by day thing. So, I take it one day at a time, and try to improve a little with each new sunrise. I am so happy you stopped by to check this out!

          1. I think your art is perfect as is. But I know what you mean about always wanting to improve. That’s how I feel about my writing.

          2. I think we all see our own imperfections more clearly than others, but I love the fact that you see so much potential in my work, Ledia. I need to improve both aspects. Thank God for editors. They help a lot, especially where punctuation goes … my weak, weak, spot!

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