The Orples Visit A Lucky Dog.

Yesterday, the Orples and I visited Laura on her blog, Writeknit. Laura is one of our newer neighbors, so to refresh your memory, I will redirect you to the post we did last month featuring her paper dolls.  Some of you may already know Laura. If not, then you really should go check out some of her beautiful needlework.

The Orples admiring one of Laura Hartman's lovely creations.
The Orples admiring one of Laura Hartman’s lovely creations.

Since, I’ve gotten off track over the past few days, featuring some of  our own adventures, perhaps we should circle back through the neighborhood to refresh my memory over some of our recent neighborhood rendezvous.

6 thoughts on “The Orples Visit A Lucky Dog.”

    1. I made some little crocheted orples to accompany my books. I only have one set left. You can see them sitting in the basket on my left margin introducing my Etsy shop if you haven’t seen them already. :)

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