The Orples Say Thank You To Our Followers

Honestly, I feel like a cat tangled in a ball of yarn, with so much to do and not quite knowing where to begin. While checking e-mail, I got sucked into my  Pinterest  account notifying me of who was re-pinning my pins.  And we all know how Pinterest is, when we get sidetracked by all of their awesome content.  No matter, I am glad I followed my curiosity.  With no post yet written, I stumbled across the perfect post for today. Thank you, Ledia and Jackie for an encouraging start to kick off the day.

The Orples had a pleasant surprise this morning thanks to Ledia and Jackie.
The Orples had a pleasant surprise this morning thanks to Ledia and Jackie when we checked out our Pinterest Account. .

Jackie, who does networking—which I did not know before this morning, actually took a screen shot of my  blog title and put a link to ‘Rules of the Game on a link for me, then re-pinned it, which is pretty slick and beneficial to us both, AND which I really appreciate/d.  You can go to either/or site from her re-pin… I’ll have to keep that in mind and find out how she did it.   One day, I’ll get untangled and hopefully take the reins and learn from some of you more seasoned bloggers, and internet marketers.  In the meantime, I wanted to take a moment and dedicate today’s post to all of our followers and fellow bloggers who have inspired us to keep on keeping on.  The ladies we’ve acknowledged today are but two of my dear blogging friends … you know who you are. :) Also be aware that I pin my daily posts on Pinterest, so if you have a Pinterest Account and want to promote your blogs there, courtesy of the Orples, by all means pin away. :)

7 thoughts on “The Orples Say Thank You To Our Followers”

    1. It’s hard to keep up with all of the accounts online. I have some too, I’m not sure how to tap into, but I’m learning. :) Feel free to visit us anyway, if you would like Jerry. We’ve been collecting some beautiful pins in a variety of topics. :)

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