The Orples Get A Horse for Christmas

As I was exploring more possibilities for Christmas gifts,  I saw this Breyers Horse, and bought one as an investment. It is a collectible item, which will no doubt increase in value as time goes on.  In Chinese Astrology 2014  is the ‘Year of the Horse‘ so this piece will probably hold more value than its piers.—- Merry Christmas to the Orples!

Breyers and the Orples celebrates the Year of the Horse, 1914
Breyers and the Orples celebrates the Year of the Horse, 2014

I don’t have to muck stalls, or feed him, so why not?

The Orples have a good eye for value.   It is a good thing I  took them along today.

I like this horse so much, I put a widget in the margin in case you want to check it out for yourself on Amazon or click on the green link in the text above. They have all kinds of zoom tools on their site, so you can really get a good look. I did.  And now we (the Orples and I) are the proud owners of a new horse! :)

12 thoughts on “The Orples Get A Horse for Christmas”

    1. I bought Spirit in 2001 for under $30.00, and now it is worth about $120.00 if you can find it. Spirit represented the horse in the movie, popular at the time, of the same name.

      I think this horse will be more collectible than the other ‘Chinese ‘Year of’ horses since the horse and the year represent each other. In Chinese Astrology there are twelve animal signs, each sign represents a specific year. It will be another twelve years before we see the year of the horse again. I think this horse will gain in value so I bought one myself. ;) I hope I am right.

    1. They love horses, probably a trait they get from me. Olivia and Oscar were riding Magi not too long ago. Jacob tripled them on that little ditty. :)

      Given they way they were given life, I’d say the Orples can do anything they set their minds to do.

    1. Hey Rommel, I don’t really understand your question, but I’m getting used to this new site myself. If you click the ‘post’ title, or the comment button under the title you should be able to comment. And to get to past posts, hit the orange title (orples) in the upper left corner. That is evidently my ‘homepage’ button. The square button (also orange) about 1/2 down my left sidebar is my follow button. You may need to reconnect on THIS site, since it is different from my old site, which is still ‘live’, too. ;)

    1. I gave it a ‘yippi ki-yay’, Jackie. LOL I bought one myself. I think this particular horse is going to grow in value—a good hedge against inflation. We’ll see.

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