The Orples Discover Old Fashioned Paper Dolls and New Magnetic Dolls Too!

Laura Hartman whose blog is writeknit has joined the neighborhood. Laura does a lot of book reviews, but not always.  Check out this post, a true blast from the past for some of us — paper dolls, with the original little flaps and everything.  Laura’s post is much more extensive than the little clip I’ve shown here and she is also featuring an old sewing pattern in her article.   Laura is very reminiscent of the 1950’s and 60’s in her recollections as she reminds us of ‘the good old days’.  I remember paper dolls very well, particularly Flora, Dora, and Cora, for some odd reason.

The Orples are discussing Laura's paper dolls.
The Orples are discussing Laura’s paper dolls.

And of course, now that I am curious as to what is being offered today along these lines, online, I had to check out to see if Amazon sells paper dolls. They do kinda, sorta, — the dolls and outfits  I came across are actually magnetic from what I read, but there are paper stickers that can be added to enhance the outfits  and so they call them ‘paper’ dolls. At a little over $10.00 for a ”paper’ doll kit’, they appear to be  reasonably priced.  The doll kit  I’ve linked to are dolls from the movie Frozen. These dolls are very glittery, mimicking ice I suspect.  I have featured this item on my new page … “Toys the Orples Recommend” …  This page was born literally ‘born yesterday’. LOL  Come see my new baby and share your thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “The Orples Discover Old Fashioned Paper Dolls and New Magnetic Dolls Too!”

  1. LOL! Olivia and Oscar always makes me laugh. Oscar is forever hungry and Olivia is such a lady. :D

    Beautiful post and artwork as always Marcy. I loved to play with paperdolls. My granny always bought it for me. I can’t believe that they’ve become so expensive. Those are lots of dollars. :D

    1. Those patterns I mentioned in the post that Laura listed had the old Betsy McCall Patterns inside. Do you remember them? I do. Life was so simple then. :)
      As far as the money goes … everything was a lot cheaper then. Inflation is an ‘unseen’ tax.

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