The Orples Discover Chocolate

Anyone unfamiliar with Ute Smiles is in for a treat today. And if you’re looking for Christmas ideas, then you really must tag along with the Orples and me while we indulge in some of her delicacies. She has strawberry Santa Clauses and broccoli Christmas trees and marshmallow snowmen, plus lots more.

OOUteChristmasUte is one of our neighbors. If you would like to be a neighbor, too,  read the Rules of the Game to find out how the game works. If you would like to see some of our other Adventures, feel free to click on my orange Title (text) to take you back to the beginning, and you can scroll down from there.  We thank you for today’s  visit.

The orples always love to meet new people and we love helping them meet each other. So come play!

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