Weekly photo challenge . Unusual #2

This isn’t your typical path, well, unless you’re at Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia. Then you never know what types of egress paths you might encounter, taking you from point A to B. I always loved the rustic charm of this particular path. I thought you might find it interesting too.

Railroad ties serve as steps, here and there. Don't get too used to the symmetry of the stairs. There isn't any.

14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge . Unusual #2”

    1. Thanks Gerry. Maymont does provide lots of interesting photos to share with my friends. That little path has so much personality, I couldn’t resist. ;) It good to see you this morning. Thanks for stopping by. :)

        1. If ever you come to Richmond, Virginia, you really do need to set a day aside to visit Maymont Park. I still have lots more photos to share. I need to go through some thumb drives, as many of my photos are no longer on my hard drive … not enough space. :(

  1. >I always loved the rustic charm of this particular path.
    – Easy to see why. Mother Nature always gets the best digs on the best real estate everywhere!

    If only we, humans, would leave her be more often.


    1. Wouldn’t it be nice if people would live more in harmony with our natural surroundings? I’m glad to stopped in to take an imaginary stroll on this little path, Kate. I always a pleasure to have you drop by and visit. :)

    1. Thank you, Jake. I’m still trying to figure out a recipe to post on your site for your Sunday Challenge. Do peanut butter sandwiches count? LOL. Some of us don’t cook original dishes. ;)

    1. Thank you Rebekah, This path is in Maymont Park, in Richmond, Va. I need to go thorough and do another post on Maymont soon, with more than one photograph. Although, this path deserved it’s own spot, I thought. It is a great little path, and if not for those railroad tie, I doubt I’d make it to the top of the hill. Thank you so much for your visit. :)

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