Maymont Park . The Japanese Gardens . part 2

In another post, I began the tour of these beautiful garden … see part 1. These are a few more photographs to pick up where that post left off. I will add more in a future post. For now, please feel free to browse the beauty of Maymont Park.

Typical garden path in the springtime.
A view by the pond
Feeding the fish
Path to the gazebo

21 thoughts on “Maymont Park . The Japanese Gardens . part 2”

  1. Lucky! The little one we over here is more strict. It doesn’t have stepping stones and they don’t even let you bring food into the park! I always want to to have a picnic there but can’t.

    1. This park is 122 acres of pure delight. People bring picnic lunches and frisbees and spread out for the afternoon. I’ll be posting shots of the Italian gardens that overlook the Japanese Gardens as the days go by. If ever you come to Richmond, Virginia, I highly recommend you add a day to your trip for a park visit. Bring your camera and comfortable walking shoes. ;)

    1. Thank you for dropping in. Those Koi are relatively small. I’ve seen some in the pond almost 24″ long. They come in a rainbow of colors as well. The kids love them, and the fish are always eager to come to the edge of the pond for a snack, so of course we take food. :)

    1. You are more than welcome, Gerry. I feel like others (yourself included) have shown me parts of the world I may not ever get to see otherwise. It is my pleasure to return the favor by sharing my little corner of the world. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. As always, it’s a pleasure seeing you in cyberspace. :)

    1. I assure you, you’d never regret it … unless you forget your camera. It is well worth the visit. Thanks for dropping in again. It is always a pleasure! :)

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