Maymont Park . The Italian Gardens . Part 1

To date, I’ve introduced you to Maymont Park in general, then I’ve taken you for a walk through the Japanese Gardens, parts 1 & 2. In addition, I did a post focusing on the Maymont Bears. Now it is time to take a peek at the Italian Gardens.

Stairs leading from the Italian Gardens down to the Japanese gardens below

It seems only appropriate to begin with the stairs going up the hill to the gardens. The lower paths at the base of these stairs are a bit rough, but there is a bench at the bottom of this stair set to allow a little reprieve during the climb, should the need arise.

The walkways are the perfect place to run and play if you are a little critter. Thankfully, there is a wall on the outer edge to keep you from falling over the side. It is a long way down.
One of the fountains in the gardens. These are beautiful in the summertime, especially when the beds are in bloom.
A trellised walkway edges the North side of the garden and provides an arbor for vines to grow on.


Looking across the garden is a domed gazebo which is a popular wedding spot. The park earns money by renting this area and if you can afford it, Maymont is THE place to get married. You can revisit anytime you wish after you’ve taken your vows. In the summertime, the landscaping is awesome.

18 thoughts on “Maymont Park . The Italian Gardens . Part 1”

    1. Just about anytime the sun is shining. They open the gates early and stay opened ’til dusk. I’m sure they welcome you with opened arms. ;)

    1. This garden is beautiful in the summertime when the flowers are in full bloom. I need to go through some other photos when I get time and see what I can come up with to share. Thanks, Gilly for dropping by. ;)

  1. These are great photos showcasing the lovely gardens. I love gazebos. I’ve always wanted one but they require a large garden. I think I’ll just visit the ones others have created.
    I enjoyed this post. Thank you for giving me the url so I could visit.
    : )

    1. You’re welcome Izzy. I’ve done a few posts on Maymont Park in the past. Maymont is Richmond’s pride and joy. If ever you visit us, the entire park is a must see … wear comfortable shoes and bring your camera. ;)

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