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[New Post] Daily Post. No Time to Waste

Life’s too short to …. take it away orples …

These two appear to be eager orples. They are ready to see the world.
These two appear to be eager orples. They are ready to see the world.

Silly Orples. I think they are right. Follow along. Join the fun. If you want to be added to our adventures, please leave a comment, and verbally invite us along. I may gather these blog entries and combine them for a book, down the road. Keyword—might.  If I do, you may include whatever credit info you like, linked to your contribution(s). For now, I link back to the source of my material, and would appreciate a ping-back. What a way to make new friends! So come join the orples and I, as we travel the world in Orpleland. :) To follow our adventures so far, click here, and see where we’ve been already.

[New Post] The Daily Post . Photography 101 . Connect

In keeping with today’s Daily Post Assignment, I couldn’t think of a better way to connect with others than to borrow a photo from across the pond, and connect with a friend in England. Here, for example, the orples, Olivia and Oscar, are reaching out to Gerry. He has given us permission to play in his blog and travel with him, from time to time. Come join us, and if you’d like to connect with the orples, prey tell. They love to play with both old and new friends as we surf through blogland, meeting new people along the way. In the meantime, I told you we were headed your way, Gerry. You didn’t believe us did you? No telling where we might end up next. For now, remember that photo that you took going into The New Forest? Here it is again.

Sharing adventures with Gerry in Great Brittan.
Sharing adventures with Gerry in Great Brittan.

When they saw your sign, the orples were reminded of their trip to the James river, overlooking the rocks from the tower, a couple of years back. I think you accompanied us on that trip? If not, just click here, and We’ll take you down memory lane since you were so kind as to have allowed us to visit on your blog. And if anyone wants to see what my other friends are up to click here, for a walk into the world of orples. This post was a Daily Post challenge—the subject matter was signs.  That’s kind of cool, huh?

The Orples and The Fly

Olivia and Oscar were strolling through Sonel’s blog and came across the most beautiful flower. But alas, this ill tempered fly who didn’t want to be bothered with pesky orples was already there. Just wait until Olivia tells Sophia how rude Mr. Fly was. I bet she will set him straight.

Someone please tell Mr. Fly that he might actually have fun, if he'd relax long enough to stop and play. He seems to be so serious.
Someone please tell Mr. Fly that he might actually have fun, if he’d relax long enough to stop and play. He seems to be so serious.

In the meantime if anyone would like to so over to Sonel’s post and set that fly straight for us, click here. I’m sure Olivia and Oscar will appreciate the support. I’m sure once Mr. Fly realizes the orples only want to have fun, he’ll ease up anyway. We’ll see. If you want to see what else Olivia and Oscar ar up to, check out the category—‘Visiting The Neighbors‘ on my blog.

The Orples and The Model Bridge

As the Orples and I have been traveling around, with one eye on other people’s blogs, Colline has given us permission to play on her turf. She told me to come check out what she’s up to, and we did. You should come see the model bridge she built for her class.

Oscar waits for the glue to dry, while Olive rushes him along.  She appears to be in a hurry.
Oscar waits for the glue to dry, while Olivia rushes him along. She appears to be in a hurry.

Olivia is hoping you guys will enjoy Colline’s hard work as much as I did. Plus, Oscar is finally getting to do something useful. If you want to see what else the orples are up to, check out their Category, Visiting the Neighbors, on my blog page. And please, feel free to re-blog. Also, if you’d like to participate, just speak up. I’m sure the orples will find plenty of places to play on everyone’s blogs. Actually, when I read the article that went with this, Colline was admiring this bridge, not building it,  but don’t tell Olivia. Sometimes she gets so excited, she gets her stories mixed up. Please forgive her for her hastiness.

[New Post] The Orple’s New Friend

Today, Olivia and Oscar found out about Sonel’s monkeys. They were a bit tiffed with me for not having introduced them to Mr. Monkey earlier, but they do realize that all things come with good time.  I need to ask Sonel if this little Monkey has a name so I can extend formal introductions. But for now, it’s Mr. Monkey and the orples, playing together, in Africa on Sonel’s blog (link below). She has some fun little critter’s to play with, So I’m sure we will be visiting her often. In the meantime, tick, tock. Gotta Run. It ain’t easy being an orple-keeper, you know. :)

Hanging around at Sonel's place, playing with her monkeys.
Hanging around at Sonel’s place, playing with her monkeys.

Okay,  Sonel,  I neglected to copy the link from which I pulled this particular photo on your blog. If you would like to direct me back to the source, I’ll share THAT link. For now, THIS link is directing others to enjoy your monkeys via another post from your blog. I get side-tracked trying to keep up with Olivia and Oscar. You would have to be an orple-keeper to understand the frustrations, I imagine.  But we try.:)

[New Post] Return Address

Yesterday, as an exercise suggested by the Daily Post, I wrote Olivia and Oscar a letter, asking their opinion relative to inviting other bloggers to join our adventures by allowing us to tag along in some of their photographs. Today, Olivia is responding to my idea by writing back. Check it out—. OOProofreading110814 Dear Marcy, Oscar and I have discussed your idea. We would love to meet new people and travel the world with you through cyberspace. Please tell our audience to let us know if they want to allow us to play in their mud puddles. We can pull their photos through screenshots, then we’ll hop into their scenery, giving them the credit for their environment and a link to the original source of the information. I love the idea. I hope they do, too. And of course, Oscar and I love the idea of using ping-backs and re-blogs to blog-hop. How fun would that be? Win-win for everybody. We’re on board with you Marcy. We’ll spread the word. Thanks for asking. See you in Orpleland, Love, Olivia (and Oscar)

[New Post] Minimalist

The topic of today’s subject, a suggestion from The Weekly Photo Challenge, I have chosen a photo borrowed from Robin’s blog, Reflectionsformysoul. I’d mentioned Robin in my last post. 

This photograph belongs to Robin, but the orples and I thought it was 'simply' beautiful; a perfect entry for the 'Minimalist' topic suggested through The Daily Post.
This photograph belongs to Robin, but the orples and I thought it was ‘simply’ beautiful; a perfect entry for the ‘Minimalist’ topic suggested through The Daily Post.

Wait. Who is that. Oh, no! It’s those silly orples, always jumping in the picture, wanting to be noticed. I think they want to play hide-h-seek with Robin. Check her out here.

"Let's play Hide and Seek!"
“Let’s play Hide and Seek!”

[New Post] Literate for a Day

This is a daily post suggestion which is perfect for an orple-keeper, such as myself. Except, we’ll have to pretend that Olivia can’t read, so you guys play along, and don’t tell the folks setting the challenge. I don’t want to get disqualified for some silly little white lie. This is all in pretend anyway. So I think I’ll write to Olivia and tell her what I’m up to, Oscar can read along with her, to keep him in the loop. Although Oscar usually tags along for the adventure. He’s happy with about most any activity Olivia and I choose to participate in.

Hey Everybody, check this out.
Hey Everybody, check this out.

Dear Olivia (and Oscar), While I have some super photographs myself that I can use to propel my blog, what do you think of the idea of inviting other bloggers to join us? I was thinking you and Oscar could borrow photos from other people’s blogs. Remember that blog we did yesterday entitled ‘What in the World?’ Sonel loved to see her work with you and Oscar serving as host. We can link back to anyone’s blog who wants to share. Robin, over at Reflectionsformysoul, wants to jump on this bandwagon, too, so we’re already building an audience. Are you and Oscar willing to work with me here? Just as I am asking other people’s permissions to use their stuff, I want to be sure it is cool with you, too. So be sure and speak up now. Drop me a line when you get time and let me know if you and Oscar are up to the task. I am looking forward to a speedy reply, Your loving friend and orple-keeper, Marcy P.S. Please tell any blogger you run into, the invitation is open to them to jump in on the fun. They’ll just need to let me know if they’d like to share their work. Thanks for spreading the world. .

[New Post] What In The World?

Last night, I was admiring Sonel’s lovely roses, and with her permission, The orples and I snagged a beautiful closeup shot she’d captured with her camera. The orples are wondering what they are looking at. Do you know? Are you curious? Well, all I can say is go see Sonel, if you want to find out what the orples  are ‘oohing and ahhing’ over now.

Olivia and Oscar admiring Sonel's marvelous talents.
Olivia and Oscar admiring Sonel’s marvelous talents.

If you’d like to be included in my blog, let me know. Of course, I’ll credit your work back to you if we play in your mudpuddle. Be aware, that I’m contemplating (time, being the major factor) pulling a book together with these little drawings, so you may see your work out there in orpleland, with your permission of course. Please clue me in as to how you feel about ‘orple’ exposure. Olivia loves playing with new friends, so the more the merrier. Let me know. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to Sonel with tons of gratitude for posting such beautiful photos, so worthy of sharing. ;) Please feel free to ping back, hint, hint.