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I have seen the light, Ron Paul in 2002, Ron Paul NOW.

These videos should be watched by all, not just Americans.  We are all humans first. Remember that. The people and the governments are two different things.

I offer apologies to any of you out there who genuinely miss the Orples.  They are out playing today, as I thought their tender ears; their innocent souls, if you will,  need not be exposed to  ‘adult’ issues, since in truth, they are only fictional characters, a creation of my imagination, and they need not be present for me to present this post offering to anyone who cares to listen today. It is important to separate truth from FICTION.

This is important, and unless we as HUMAN SOULS do something, SOONER, rather that latter, it may well be too late. We have it within our beings to peacefully reclaim our freedoms —- worldwide, by simply saying ‘NO’.  The issue that haunts us all, the issue at hand involves REAL humanity and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as are given to us by a higher power. Call that higher power what you will, but over the past two weeks, my higher power has had my attention. I hope, too, no matter what nation you live in, you will tune into your higher power too. Something is NOT right.

The above is a speech that Dr. Paul made on the floor of Congress in 2002. Watch it and you will  see how right he was , here, twelve years later.

Now … before the fact, let’s see what Dr. Paul’s upcoming predictions are. ….

Think about it.

I will be taking a break for awhile. It is not because I don’t care, or I don’t genuinely care about those of you I have come to know via cyberspace. It is because I have been sidetracked by some ‘real’ issues that need my immediate attention. I will try to be back soon with the Orples. In the meantime, blessings to you and yours are being sent to you all.


Relaxing On A Sunday Afternoon At Maymont Park In Richmond Virginia

Anytime it is 67 degrees in early February, it is a Maymont Park day if you live in Richmond, Virginia, which we do, so we went to the park.  Oscar and Olivia went with us.  This post is my answer to a ‘bench‘ challenge I saw on Sylvia’s blog although, her work is not shown here.

Maymont Park has lots of benches and places to sit down and rest awhile between hills. This is one of those places.
Maymont Park has lots of benches and places to sit down and rest awhile between hills. This is one of those benches.

After you’ve gone up and down a few Maymont hills it is nice to find a place to sit down. Sometimes you have to look twice.  Look at the bench  (above) we found lurking in the woodpile.

Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia, February 2015. photo 1
Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia, February 2015. photo 1

Okay, let’s try again.

Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia. February 2015. Photo 2
Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia. February 2015. Photo 2

Almost. :)

Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia. February 2015.
Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia. February 2015.

Hmmmm? Maybe we should use Photoshop?

The Orples Return To Orpleville To Help Their Friend, Jack

Finished drawing of Jack and the orples getting the kite out of the tree.
Finished drawing of Jack and the orples getting the kite out of the tree.

This post is dedicated to Colleen’s Art Class.  I did a set of posts on this drawing almost three years ago, beginning with preliminary drawings one and two. To see that series of posts, beginning with the preliminary drawing number one, click here.

Coming Soon! The Orples Toy and Gift Shop

I’ve had to shift gears lately, in an effort to launch our new toy and gift shop ….  even Orples have to work, you know. The idea is for me to take the time to hand select some sensible, and in some cases, classic toys, books, and gifts for the children on your gift list.  Today’s post is but a brief preview of what is to come, and at this point, we are in the set-up process, thus still subject to change.  We are  still adding categories, and trying to arrange our inventory in an effort to save you shopping time when the time comes.

The Orples and I are getting excited. In the next week or two, we shop have our shop open and ready for business.  We'd love it if you spread the word! :)
The Orples and I are getting excited. In the next week or two, we hope to have our shop open and ready for business. We’d love it if you spread the word! :)

I hope when we do open our doors, you will think of us when you seek out gifts for the wee ones in your life.

If you’re not in a shopping mood, you can still enjoy our Orple Adventures with the neighbors. Feel free to catch up at your leisure, and thank you for stopping by today. :)

The Orples and I Are Setting Up A Toy Store

If you have missed us visiting your blog in the last day or two … no worries … we haven’t forgotten and/or overlooked you, we are just busy trying to set up shop in the hopes that anyone needing toys, books, toy storage, art supplies for children, dress up costumes, and so on will stop by and check out our selections once our shop opens. I have literally been spending every waking hour, not blogging, trying to put the pieces into place to bring you guys a sensible shop to find nice gifts for that special child on your gift list.

The Orples have gotten side-tracked with their new 'Artist' workstation from Amazon. Some help they are in  helping me set up shop.
The Orples have gotten side-tracked with their new ‘Artist’ workstation from Amazon. Some help they are in helping me set up shop.

Olivia, Oscar, and I have weeded through thousands of items to offer you the basics in a variety of organized categories, saving you time when you shop. I’ll keep you posted as we progress with our efforts to (in the near future) present to you a, well thought out, toy and gift shop. For now, a work station for the creative child on your list may be a good place to begin … just ask the Orples.

Or if you prefer, feel free to stroll through the neighborhood to see what you may have missed in our past few posts.

ANNOUNCEMENT—This Will Be/Is My New Blog Site

For my linked followers, those who are new to orples, and those whom I am trying to re-link with, this post is being made on my new address— http;// whereas ever since I attempted to launch this site, December 5, 2014 to be exact, I have continued to post my posts on my WordPress account while I have been working out the kinks in this site, feeling my way around, trying to fix links, and direct other links where they belong—quite the job for a rookie, such as myself.

The Orples discussing their new domain.
The Orples discussing their new domain.

In the near future, I hope to have figured out how to either link those posts to this site, or copy them on this site. For now, my updated posts will be made on if you would like to keep up with the orple’s most recent adventures. Also note I’ve added a page to this siteRules of the Game— so you can see who your neighbors are—those bloggers participating in our Orples Advenutures  (on my WordPress account) to date.

The following link is the announcement of my move I posted on WordPress earlier tonight, announcing my New (this) Domain.

Thank you all so much for your patience while I iron out my ‘kinks’.



Early next week, Monday (?)—I hope, I will be switching my current wordpress blog address to a private address: I am hoping, with my son’s help, I will be able to transfer all of my blog contents without any problems. I am not sure how my existing links are going to be effected, and/or if I will be able to transfer them. Since I’ve purchased my new domain name, I’ve been looking into the necessary steps to try to maintain my established links, coming, and going. Please keep your fingers crossed that I don’t end up losing the relationships that I’ve built to date. Should that be the case, please try to re-link to me, as I will you.

The Orples and I are getting ready to make some changes. :)
The Orples and I are getting ready to make some changes. :)

Sadly, I’m not sure how any of this is going to work, so I am hoping you guys will bear with me while Olivia, Oscar, and I are in transition. ‘The ‘Orple Adventures‘, aka, ‘Visiting the Neighbors’, have blossomed into a fun way to communicate with my friends, here, on wordpress, and I think ‘our games’ will be the focus of this blog, from here(*), on out. I will leave my archive posts as is, although I may re-categorize the existing content to try to alleviate redundancy wherever possible. While some of my categories have little to do with orples for the most part, they really don’t interfere with the orples, and I think those posts add a little more variety for those visitors who might like to check out Maymont Park, or perhaps some of my other ‘earlier’ topics, posted before I finally found direction with this blog.

Please accept my apologies now for any unforeseen problems. You know what they say, “Expect the worse, and hope for the best.”—thus the reason I am making this announcement ahead of time—just in case. I treasure my followers and the relationships we’ve built up since I first began THIS blog. I hope you do, too, and will stick with me if we are temporarily parted.

(*) here, being once I have completed setting up and have it running. I will make an announcement once I’ve made the change. In the meantime, I should be making one post a day, so if you don’t continue to see posts after Monday, you’ll know why. Please type in my address if you cease to get my ‘post notifications’ and we can re-link if need be.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. ;) The orples and I have are just beginning, so PLEASE STAY POSTED!

Hugs to all, Marcy, Olivia and Oscar

[New Post] The Daily Post . Bad Signal

Those nice people at the Daily Post have really done it now with their Bad Signal’ Assignment. “Oh man, I hope Olivia hasn’t checked my voice mail. My friend, Sally, called and left a message about my newest book, she just bought.  I’ve been writing an adult trilogy about the Sanderson family, and some other people.  My newest series is a family saga, stretching over about twenty-three years, so, of course, the peopling varies. Olivia was upset, thinking we were still in the prototype stage of that series, and we probably should be, since I’m sure I didn’t catch all of my errors, prior to self-printing. Olivia is still going to be bent out of shape, and she even likes the story. But she’s a perfectionist. She said I should pay an editor, instead of doing everything myself. I told her, I’m broke, and am playing catch 22 with fate. One day, when I’m back on my feet, I’ll reprint, then I hope the first printing will be valuable to anyone lucky enough to own a copy of this version.I keep hoping I’ll run into a big wig, publisher who thinks my Brides trilogy is the bees knees, and will want to reprint the story under their banner. Right now, the first printing is available for sale for both books 1 & 2, warts and all, on Olivia is too busy being mad due to her competition to care why I self-published behind her back. I might have to spank her if she doesn’t straighten up and act like an adult. I wonder how old orples have to be, to be considered an adult? Who would I ask?

Olivia and Oscar have just found out Brides has been published.
Olivia and Oscar have just found out Brides has been published.

Back to my dilemma. What on earth am I going to tell Olivia to appease her? She and Oscar are my sidekicks. Besides, Olivia can be difficult when I hurt her feelings, which happens anytime she not in the spotlight. I think I’ve created a monster. For anyone unfamiliar with what an orple-keeper (me) has to put up with, you should check out ‘How Orples Came To Be.’.

[New Post] What In The World?

Last night, I was admiring Sonel’s lovely roses, and with her permission, The orples and I snagged a beautiful closeup shot she’d captured with her camera. The orples are wondering what they are looking at. Do you know? Are you curious? Well, all I can say is go see Sonel, if you want to find out what the orples  are ‘oohing and ahhing’ over now.

Olivia and Oscar admiring Sonel's marvelous talents.
Olivia and Oscar admiring Sonel’s marvelous talents.

If you’d like to be included in my blog, let me know. Of course, I’ll credit your work back to you if we play in your mudpuddle. Be aware, that I’m contemplating (time, being the major factor) pulling a book together with these little drawings, so you may see your work out there in orpleland, with your permission of course. Please clue me in as to how you feel about ‘orple’ exposure. Olivia loves playing with new friends, so the more the merrier. Let me know. In the meantime, this post is dedicated to Sonel with tons of gratitude for posting such beautiful photos, so worthy of sharing. ;) Please feel free to ping back, hint, hint.

[New Post] By Heart

Here is today’s Daily Post suggestion/challenge and I’m sure I’m a day late, but his one is fun anyway, so here goes…. The idea is to recall a song by heart that sticks with you, and why. Song 1… Love Grows Where My Rose Mary Goes.   One of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard … so from memory, here goes… There’s something about her hand over mine It’s a feeling that’s fine And I just have to say-aaa She’s really got a magical spell and It’s working so well That I can’t get away Well, I’m a lucky feller And I just gotta teller That love grows where where my Rose Mary goes And nobody knows like me And you’ll just have to click the title link if you want to hear the song because I have forgotten the rest.

Olivia and Oscar enjoying the tunes.
Olivia and Oscar enjoying the tunes.

Quickly, three other songs I recall lines from are these; these lines speak for themselves, and have always stuck in my mind. Seasons change with the scenery, weaving time in a tapestry by … Simon and Garfunkel . from ‘A Hazy Shade of Winter’ You only dance on this earth for a short while   by Cat Stevens . from ‘Oh Very Young’ Someday, I’ll get my life straight … Alan Jackson … from the song ‘Someday’.  This song really hit hard for me, for awhile. Thank God, those days are over. Whew!