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Excerpts from some of my books, both existing and upcoming. A glimpse into the world of orples as they unfold.

The Orples Learn To Read … coming soon!

I finally sent book 3 (The Orples Learn To Read) off to Createspace to have a prototype made, which is the last step, prior to publication. If there are no changes to be made once I review the first print copy, by this time next week, I should have my third book available for purchase as a softcover book. In a couple of weeks, I hope it will be offered as an e-book, also. That is the plan.

In my efforts to wrap this, my third book, I’ve fallen behind in my blogging. Too, my grandson has been sick on and off this week and I’ve been keeping him since his normal babysitter won’t due to the fact that he is sick, and she doesn’t want to expose other children. Being Grandma trumps all!  Obviously, it has not been a good week for social activities. :( . On the bright side, I do hope to get ‘caught up’  on my blogging soon.  Until then, I hope life is being a peach (or maybe, in this case an orple) to you and yours! ;)  I’ll will be dropping in for visits on your posts, so please don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone, if I’ve not dropped by for a visit to your blog recently.

For the time being, I leave you with an inside view.  The excerpt below is page 20.

More Orples

Well, I was rolling right along and my printer tray broke, so I had to get a new printer, which I’ve not managed to hook up yet. Thank God for grown children with patience.  My son will be by tomorrow to get me rolling again, I hope. In the meantime, after fixing my edited manuscript, redrawing, and setting the images as needed, and pasting the corrected manuscript in the drawings with a larger font,  I did manage to get five pages printed and scanned today, before my printer decided it was time to retire.  The rest of the day has been spent shopping and trying to make a wireless printer get along with my computer.   Something just isn’t right?  But, I have faith that my oldest child will save the day…tomorrow!  He’s my hero when it comes to computers.

The beginning of "The Orples Learn To Read" . Book 3 of the orples series.

For now, I will share one of the final pages printed on my old printer. This is page four (page 1 of the actual story) of “The Orples Learn To Read”.  Amazon will add a border on their end.  Enjoy! :)

Whew, busy, busy

I seem to be dropping the ball over the last few days, so I offer apologies to all for not visiting as regularly as usual. Hopefully, I’ll be back on track soon. My edited manuscript came back, so I’m trying to correlate book 3 of my orples series. This is page 30 of the prototype of “The Orples Learn To Read”. Right now, I am redoing the entire book, so the fonts will change and any errors should be corrected, prior to publication.

Jack and the orples studying by the creek.

E-Book AvailableToday

As of today,”The Orples Make A Tree Home” is available for download on your reader device through Now you can read all about the orples’ very first adventure, since being freed from the Treasure Tree. For a preview of “The Orples Make A Tree Home“, please check out my earlier blog post by following the link.

Book Cover for 'Book 2' of the orples series.

For those of you who are new to my blog and are unfamiliar with orples, I invite you to first check out my post on the introduction to “How Orples Came To Be” (also available on

The Orples Make A Tree Home

Please let me introduce book 2 of the orples series, now available through I’ve been working on this book for awhile now and finally have the softcover version self-published. The e-book version is still in the works, but should be available shortly for anyone that is interested. Please feel free to click on the link, if more no other reason than to help me up my numbers in the search engines on Amazon. It will be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, here is a peek into my newest book “The Orples Make A Tree Home.

The front cover
The dedication page

My first book “How Orples Came To Be” was published through Strategic Publishing and tells the story, as the title suggests, how orples transformed from oranges into little orange-people. It focuses on loneliness, friendship, belief in one’s dreams, and touches on the bond between the importance of the parent and child relationship. “How Orples Came To Be” begins in the Treasure Tree and ends at the Treasure Tree, but for the most part, the scene is set inside the Zimp household. This blog is about the next book, and the first adventure the orples experience, now that they their dreams of mobility have been fulfilled. Thus the story begins ….

Olivia and Oscar's first morning, waking up in the Treasure Tree

This book also focuses on friendship and fulfilling goals. Now that the orples are not directly connected to their tree, as they were when they were oranges, their needs have changed. They have obstacles to overcome. With Jack’s help, they set and fulfill several goals to turn the tree into a home.

With branches marked, the trio is off to find materials to make beds with. The first order of the day.

The pages I’ve posted here are from my un-edited prototype, so mistakes have been corrected, and in some cases, the text has been reworded. I had a wonderful editor at Amazon, and she really added the necessary polish to bring out the scenes, without re-writing my story. She also corrected my horrible punctuation. What would we do with out editors? But alas, I am getting sidetracked here … back to the story.

Hmmm, What might be found in the tool shed?

Obviously, Jack and the orples are putting their heads together to create a functional little home for the orples to enjoy. They are leaving no stone unturned as they explore the potential materials on hand to achieve their goals.

A trip to the creek.

Once they’ve found a container, it is time to fill it up and make sure there are no leaks.

Searching for food.

You may recognize this drawing from an entry I posted under the subject of landscapes a couple of weeks back. But this is part of the book, so here it is again.

Sunday Photo Challenge. Design #4

I finished my kite drawing today. I am going to go ahead and post it now, before I send in on over to “Writing and Illustrating” for their March Illustration Entry, which will be published on their site on March 27th. There should be other entries there, other than mine, so be sure to mark your calendars.

Finished drawing of Jack and the orples getting the kite out of the tree.

I may try to work on getting the color to print right before I send this over to Kathy. The colors here are no where near as bright as they are on the hard copy print off. I’m still working on that little problem. To see the preliminaries of this drawings, check out preliminary drawing 1 and  preliminary drawing 2 .

Sunday Photo Challenge . Design #2 . Kite In A Tree

On March 7th, I gave you a peek at a drawing I’ve been working on for a presentation post to represent the month of March. The final drawing will be posted on Writing and Illustrating‘s website on March 27. When I think of March, I think of windy weather, and therefore, I think of kites. Thus the subject for the theme for this drawing.

Flying a Kite . still tweaking the original idea. (#2)

The orples are helping Jack get his kite out of the tree. Sometimes, it appears, orples are handy to have around.

The colors are a lot brighter in the printed drawing. I need to figure out why I am losing color scanning, then posting. Hmmmm, anyone out there know why this might be?

Preliminary Drawing . Kite hung up in the tree

This is a drawing I’ve been working on today. I still have a ways to go before it is finished. Maybe one day, I’ll tuck this drawing into one of my orples books should text arise to accompany the scene. For now, this is the begins of an illustration I’m working on for the theme ‘March’ hosted by “Writing and Illustrating”.

Just the beginning of my entry . subject to change.

Since time is slipping by today, I figured I share this instead of veering off course to hunt for something else. I did a reblog earlier, but that is not the same thing as posting original information, so with that thought in mind, I suspect you’re not likely to see this anywhere else. Thus, wallah,I present to you my postaday2012 entry for today, which will be re-posted again once it is finished. The deadline for entry for this drawing is March 27th, so look for it again between now, and then. Click on the green links to see preliminary drawing 2 and the final results.

Sunday Photo Challenge . Landscape #2

To keep things a little mixed up and interesting, I decided to toss in a landscape drawing from my upcoming book “The Orples Make A Tree Home“. Now that Oscar and Olivia are free to roam about the countryside, they are discovering all kinds of new things about the world they live in. In this scene they are in search of food.

Looking for food in the meadow

Earlier today, I sent the PDF files to the publisher for layout approval. I hope to get the prototype back sometime next week so I can thumb through the book and review the potential product prior to its final printing. If necessary, I’ll make any changes that require my attention. If all goes as planned, book 2 of my orples series should be available to the public for sale in the next couple of weeks (depending on what the prototype looks like).

I tried to set the story up so that you don’t have to read the first book to enjoy book two. Through reminiscing, Olivia informs the audience that she was once an orange dreaming of being free. Now of course, her dream has come true and her world has changed. These books are meant to encourage children to think outside of the box and to use their imaginations. I also try to maintain polite conversations among the characters to reinforce the importance of manners. As in true in book one, there are subtle little lessons in friendship lingering between the lines. The above page is a prototype page, so is subject to change. I’ve already deleted the page number and bordered it to fit the publishers guidelines. There may be other changes as well in the final book.

If you haven’t been following my blog and/or want to learn more about orples, by all means, please check out “Orples Overview“. If you start at the beginning and work your way forward, it will make more sense. Comments are welcomed.