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The Orples and I Made A Gingerbread Tower

I saw the most beautiful Gingerbread Tower on Pinterest, created by a professional, I’m sure. I wish I’d seen this tower sooner so I could have been better prepared to make my own.

My inspiration. Isn't this tower magnificent?
My inspiration. Isn’t this tower magnificent?
The Orples are helping me build a Gingerbread Tower.

Olivia, Oscar and I made our own tower anyway. Ours isn’t quite the same as the beautiful tower we saw on Pinterst, and we only used three layers instead of four. We also used eight sides on all three layers as opposed to stepping down the count with each additional story, but variety makes the world go round, and we aren’t total copycats.

Our Tower after being transported across town. It was begging to come apart in this photo. No matter, once the grandcritters saw it,  this little towers time to be devoured was fast approaching.

The tower on Pinterest certainly did provide us the inspiration to build our own tower though. I think next year, I’ll put more effort into the platform prior to assembling our tower. If you look hard enough you’ll see one of the gumdrops has dropped.  I wished I’d noticed it before we the kids took this photo. :)  After being transported across town. our tower was begining to come apart in more ways than one. No matter, once the grandcritters saw our sugary creation, its time to be devoured was fast approaching.


The Orples Buy Christmas Stockings for Santa Claus To Fill

Meg’s been out Christmas Shopping it seems.  Meg travels a lot, and the orples tagged along, just now realizing that they don’t have a chimney to hang their stockings on.  Maybe Meg will them use hers —if she has one.

The Orples are buying Christmas Stockings in hopes that Santa Claus will come fill them.
The Orples are buying Christmas Stockings in hopes that Santa Claus will come fill them.

While Olivia and Oscar figure out what to do about their situation, please feel free to hit the orange title key (my homepage key) to see what else the orples have been up to lately.  In them meantime, the Orples and I are wishing you all a very happy Holiday Season, no matter where you live, or how you celebrate the season.

The Orples Get New V-Tech Smart Watches

The Orples tagged along over to Amazon’s site to try to find some toys for the grand-critters and look at what they found. Who knew these things even existed? There’s a little digital camera hidden in those buttons and everything. The cool thing about their Amazon Listing is that they have zoom features where you can toggle over the image and get a real close look at what this watch can do.

Click Here to go to Amazon's site to check this little puppy out.
Click Here to go to Amazon’s site to check this little puppy out.

It is amazing how different things are now. When I was a kid, having a telephone was a big deal.  Computers were just coming out when my children were children, and now five-year-old kids can be photographers among other things.  And yes, this little watch does tell time.  This thing is amazing and the way Amazon sets their site up, you can watch a video, and check out all of the features right there.  Better yet, there is still time to nab one before Christmas.



The Orples Are Challenged

Olivia ain’t got nuttin on AD Martin. I think he has humbled her with his good advice on writing books, beginning with chapter one.  I wish I had  run into his blog BEFORE I began writing.  Our fellow authors, especially, should check him out and then you will know what the orples know—Mr. Martin is a smart dude, kind enough to share his wisdom with us.

Chapter 1 Advice from Mr. Martin. A good place to start before you start, if you ask the Orples and me.
Chapter 1 Advice from Mr. Martin. A good place to start before you start, if you ask the Orples and me.

Also, in playing with my new blog I have discovered that if you follow a link to another article, then  want to come back to my home page on THIS blog, the orange ‘ORPLES’ title is also my homepage button— I learn something new everyday and figured I would share that bit of knowledge with those of you who might not have known this valuable little tid-bit already. The ‘Title’ button allows you to scroll down through all of my postings for anyone who is not familiar with Orples and the games that we play. :)

The Orples & The Alien

It has been so long since we have gone to visit Ralph.  Ralph is one of our neighbors . I think our links got unlinked through some of these site transitions the Orples and I have been making lately.   You can visit both blogs, and it should become apparent as to what the Orples have been up to, if you don’t already know, on the home front.  But today, our attention turns to Ralph. Let’s see what he has been up to on his blog — Bluefish Way.

Watch out, the Aliens have arrived!
Watch out, the Aliens have arrived!

Oh no! What is it? You’ll have to check back to see if the Orples lived through this ordeal, or not? Will the Orples make it out alive? Will they live to see another post?  Stay tuned to find out the answers to these compelling questions. :)  And thanks for staying tuned to date.

[New Post] Gone, But Not Forgotten

The daily post submitted a challenge entitled ‘Gone, but not forgotten. I immediately thought of my oldest brother. So today, The Orples and I are paying tribute to my big brother, Chuck, may he RIP. Although he died in 2005, he will always be in my heart, especially at Christmas. There were 21 years age difference in the two of us. He was the oldest child, I was the youngest, and there were five more siblings sandwiched in between us. In spite of our age difference, the two of us were extremely close as adults, although as a child, I barely knew him, since he was grown and gone by the time I was born.

My oldest brother, Chuck and me. Christmas 2004. Our last Christmas together.
My oldest brother, Chuck, and me. Christmas 2004. Our last Christmas together.

This was the last photo of the two of us, taken Christmas, 2004. Chuck did not live to see Christmas 2005. So with teary eyes, I pay tribute to my big brother who may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

The Orples Talk To Trees

It truly is Another Day in Paradise as the orples take a break to swim through Sylvia’s blog.

A talking tree? Just ask the orples. They'll tell you, it is true.
A talking tree? Just ask the orples. They’ll tell you, it is true.

I suspect the orples will be talking to that wise old tree for awhile, so we may as well visit the neighbors while we’re waiting for Oscar and Olivia to finish up their conversation. :)

The Orples Go To Lima

Today, Oscar and Olivia are planning their day around Madhu’s schedule, gazing out from one of the salvaged balconies in Lima. Madhu does get the Urge to Wander. If you go to her place, Madhu has taken some beautiful photographs to accompany a wonderful article she has written about Lima’s historical wooden balconies. These beauties have only survived because a hand full of people cared enough to try to save them from demolition.

The Orples are looking out into the street below, taking in the sights.
The Orples are looking out into the street below from inside one of Lima’s enclosed balconies.

While the orples are trying to decide where to start for the day, the rest of us can visit the neighborhood. If you care to join us. Feel free to peruse our previous posts and find out what is going on.  All are welcome to be added to my list of participants in the Orple’s Adventures.

The Orples on Ice

Today we are strolling though Justin’s blog. He was evidently hanging around in some ice caves somewhere along the line. The orples had so much fun in the snow the other day, they decided to check out the ice-cycles clinging to the caves. It seems they favor the cold temperatures, but are having a little trouble standing on their twigs.

The Orples are finding out ice and snow are two different things.
The Orples are finding out ice and snow are two different things.

While the Orples are trying to regain their footing, please feel free to cruise the neighborhood to see where else they have been. The way this ‘game’ is supposed to work is that I take a screenshot from your blog, if you let me know you want to participate. Then, I create a skit including the orples. I link back to your blog giving you credit for your work. Of course, because Olivia would really love to  be famous, we love it when you reblog or pingback the post, so your followers are introduced to the orples, just as my followers are given the opportunity to meet you, if they haven’t already. Win, win, for everybody involved. :) Please let me know if you would like for me to add your name to my list. :)

The Orples Take Up Gardening

Recently, Meg visited Charlottesville, where they had a raised garden. Oscar thought the veggies looked pretty yummy. Olivia seemed to be more interested in harvesting them than eating. No matter, I am sure she will eat when she is ready.


While the orples are raiding Meg’s garden, let’s the rest of us go visit the neighbors. :)  While we are walking, I hope to find some gardening tools of our own.  Soon it will be time to  set a few veggies ourselves.