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The Orples Learn To Sew On Their New Brother Sewing Machine

I know—we’re bad, as we’ve not been visiting our neighbors everyday like we used to do. No worries, we still intend to visit our fellow bloggers blog as we’ve done in the past. However, we do tend to get sidetracked.  Today, for example, while we have been setting our our ‘Toy Store and Gift Shop‘, which is slowly, but surely coming along, we ran into a fabulous deal on this sewing machine. Not only do I sew, I own a Brother sewing machine, and I love it.

The Orples are learning to sew on their new Brother Sewing Machine
The Orples are learning to sew on their new Brother Sewing Machine

I bit-mapped the image on the photo I stole from Amazon’s site to set up this post to save time, since I lack it and there is really no point in reinventing the wheel, but if you actually go to Amazon’s site to see their photo, (and their complete video introducing the many features) you will see how intricate the face of this machine is and all that it has to offer.  For starters, the Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing machine offers 60 built in stitches, along with an automatic  buttonhole  feature capable of seven designs within itself. In addition to the built in features, you get your basic accessories and the hard cover carry case. Not to mention, this is a free arm sewing machine, making sewing things like pant cuffs, etc. a breeze.  This machine has a retail list value of over $400.00 but is being sold for under $145.00 including shipping. I might end up being my own best customer with deals like this to be had.  This is an amazing offer, so if you sew or are thinking of learning, you might want to check this superb deal out. Enough said.  Follow the link to Amazon and watch their video if you are interested in learning more and/or seeing why Olivia, Oscar, and I are so excited about this particular deal.

The Orples, Their New Friend, and Her Hand Carried Dollhouse

Olivia and Oscar were helping me select inventory for our new online shop …. talk about a tedious chore … but I must admit, we’ve run into some pretty nifty stuff along the way, like this dollhouse. I’d have loved to have had one of these when I was a kid.

Some of the toys we've found for our new toy shop make me want to be a kid again. I'd have loved to have had this little dollhouse when I was a child.
Some of the toys we’ve found for our new toy shop make me want to be a kid again. I’d have loved to have had this little hand carried dollhouse, way back when. .

This doll house has a handle built in so when the grandchildren visit the neighborhood, they  can pack up their dolls and take their dollhouse  with them.

Coming Soon! The Orples Toy and Gift Shop

I’ve had to shift gears lately, in an effort to launch our new toy and gift shop ….  even Orples have to work, you know. The idea is for me to take the time to hand select some sensible, and in some cases, classic toys, books, and gifts for the children on your gift list.  Today’s post is but a brief preview of what is to come, and at this point, we are in the set-up process, thus still subject to change.  We are  still adding categories, and trying to arrange our inventory in an effort to save you shopping time when the time comes.

The Orples and I are getting excited. In the next week or two, we shop have our shop open and ready for business.  We'd love it if you spread the word! :)
The Orples and I are getting excited. In the next week or two, we hope to have our shop open and ready for business. We’d love it if you spread the word! :)

I hope when we do open our doors, you will think of us when you seek out gifts for the wee ones in your life.

If you’re not in a shopping mood, you can still enjoy our Orple Adventures with the neighbors. Feel free to catch up at your leisure, and thank you for stopping by today. :)

The Orples and I Are Setting Up A Toy Store

If you have missed us visiting your blog in the last day or two … no worries … we haven’t forgotten and/or overlooked you, we are just busy trying to set up shop in the hopes that anyone needing toys, books, toy storage, art supplies for children, dress up costumes, and so on will stop by and check out our selections once our shop opens. I have literally been spending every waking hour, not blogging, trying to put the pieces into place to bring you guys a sensible shop to find nice gifts for that special child on your gift list.

The Orples have gotten side-tracked with their new 'Artist' workstation from Amazon. Some help they are in  helping me set up shop.
The Orples have gotten side-tracked with their new ‘Artist’ workstation from Amazon. Some help they are in helping me set up shop.

Olivia, Oscar, and I have weeded through thousands of items to offer you the basics in a variety of organized categories, saving you time when you shop. I’ll keep you posted as we progress with our efforts to (in the near future) present to you a, well thought out, toy and gift shop. For now, a work station for the creative child on your list may be a good place to begin … just ask the Orples.

Or if you prefer, feel free to stroll through the neighborhood to see what you may have missed in our past few posts.

The Orples Play Hopscotch On Their New Rug They Found On Amazon

Okay guys, for those of you who have children, and/or grandchildren, check out these rugs. I get sidetracked so easily, looking for one thing, and finding another. This is a find worthy of a share if you ask me, thus I am sharing.

It doesn't take much to make the orples happy.
It doesn’t take much to make the Orples happy.

In addition to hopscotch, Amazon is promoting rugs with world maps, a map of the United States, a rug with the alphabet on it to teach the little ones the basics, and many other designs. The Orples can’t wait to try some of them out.

Right now (as of this post date) these little rugs are on sale, so now is a good time to nab one if you’re interested. Feel free to click on the green links to take you directly to the rug in question. They are all colorful and fun in their own way. I am sure any of them would be a wonderful addition to a child’s bedroom serving a dual purpose.

The Orples Get A Horse for Christmas

As I was exploring more possibilities for Christmas gifts,  I saw this Breyers Horse, and bought one as an investment. It is a collectible item, which will no doubt increase in value as time goes on.  In Chinese Astrology 2014  is the ‘Year of the Horse‘ so this piece will probably hold more value than its piers.—- Merry Christmas to the Orples!

Breyers and the Orples celebrates the Year of the Horse, 1914
Breyers and the Orples celebrates the Year of the Horse, 2014

I don’t have to muck stalls, or feed him, so why not?

The Orples have a good eye for value.   It is a good thing I  took them along today.

I like this horse so much, I put a widget in the margin in case you want to check it out for yourself on Amazon or click on the green link in the text above. They have all kinds of zoom tools on their site, so you can really get a good look. I did.  And now we (the Orples and I) are the proud owners of a new horse! :)

The Orples Get New V-Tech Smart Watches

The Orples tagged along over to Amazon’s site to try to find some toys for the grand-critters and look at what they found. Who knew these things even existed? There’s a little digital camera hidden in those buttons and everything. The cool thing about their Amazon Listing is that they have zoom features where you can toggle over the image and get a real close look at what this watch can do.

Click Here to go to Amazon's site to check this little puppy out.
Click Here to go to Amazon’s site to check this little puppy out.

It is amazing how different things are now. When I was a kid, having a telephone was a big deal.  Computers were just coming out when my children were children, and now five-year-old kids can be photographers among other things.  And yes, this little watch does tell time.  This thing is amazing and the way Amazon sets their site up, you can watch a video, and check out all of the features right there.  Better yet, there is still time to nab one before Christmas.