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Rules of the Game

TOGGLE DOWN to see the list of OUR NEIGHBORS to date.

If you’d like to be a neighbor, let us know via a comment.  :)

REF: Blogging 101 . build a better blogroll

If you will notice, many of my blogger friends have allowed the orples access to their blogs via a screenshot. I then link back to their/your original posts, and we (The orples and I) really love it when you return the favor via a re-blog, or ping-back (at the very least). Except that since I have become hosted by ‘GoDaddy’ I can no longer request a re-blog unless you can re-blog it from your blog which we would love. Hummm, after some thought, I came up with this idea.  You can download the same Jing program I use to obtain screen shots.  This is a FREE program.


You can capture my ‘Orples image’ on my post and re-post it on your own blog with your own words linking back to me by merely copying the address in the address bar and linking it back to my page. Everybody wins, everybody gets recognition, and everybody is offered an opportunity to make new friends.  And of course Everyone has fun in the meantime.  Nobody, including myself, knows what or who will be next, although I do try to stay in order as much as possible to be fair to all of our participants.

My little orples buddies are becoming very popular as no one really knows when their blog will be featured next, and/or what the orples will find themselves doing.  Everyday is a new adventure. Sometimes, we play on our own turf, using our own material.  You need to let me know via a comment on my blog if you would like to be added to the list. One day, I MIGHT Correlate some of these adventures into a coffee table book, again giving credit (to the contributor’s specifications)  to those who participate in our ‘ Orple Adventures.

Below is an example of a screenshot of a post I did some time ago. To visit THAT post, click here.

Oscar is busy painting while Olivia delights in a book she's found, back in the days when it was just the three of us.
Oscar is busy painting while Olivia delights in a book she’s found, back in the days when it was just the three of us.

Needless to say, the closer your name is to the top of the totem pole, the more exposure your blog will get, since you will have been featured more often as time goes on.

So far the neighbors include the following blogs:

Sonel’s Corner (Sophia)

Reflections of my Soul (Robin)

Bluefish Way (Ralph)

Colline’s Blog (Colline)

Meg Travels (Meg)

Renxkyoko’s  Space  (Ren)

Cobbies69 Gerry

AD Martin

Breezes at Dawn (Robin)

Restlessjo (Jo)

allaboutlemon (Dolly)

The Urge to Wander (Madhu)

JT Avery’s Photography (Justin)

Another Day in Paradise (Sylvia)

Inside the mind of Isadora (Izzy)

Uncle Spike’s Adventures (Uncle Spike)

Ute Smile (Ute)

Ruth Hendrick’s Photography (Ruth)

Implicado (Cedric)

Knitting with Heart (Jackie)

The Sophomore Slump (Rommel)

The World is a Book (Amy)

The Tropical Flowering Zone (Maria)

Writeknit  (Laura Hartman)


22 thoughts on “Rules of the Game”

  1. Pingback: orples
    1. I am wondering if all of my links are linked. I have been keeping an eye on ‘follow’ buttons, and have noticed I was not following blogs I thought I was. Thanks for letting me know there is a problem with my comments, Colline. I will look into it. I’m still trying to figure out what is what, among other things. Are you having problems on both blogs, or just this one?

      1. It could be you are landing on my home page, Colline.

        To actually open each individual post, click the title of that day’s post, then you should be able to comment. To go back to the toggle mode to peruse the other posts, click the orange ‘Orples’ button (top left) … that is my ‘home’ button. :)

    1. I will add you name to the list Laura. Keep your eyes opened and be sure to follow THIS blog. I have a WordPress version too, and for some reason a lot of people are following me there, even though I no longer post on that site. :)

      Welcome aboard.

  2. It’s always great when the Orples visit and you’re doing such a stunning job of it Marcy. Oscar and Olivia are just adorable. Thanks for your lovely visits and beautiful artwork hon. :D

    PS: I don’t see a follow button on this site and comment authors must fill out their names and email. It doesn’t bother me, but some folks are lazy to fill in forms before they have to comment hon. Just thought I’d mention that. I’m not sure if you wanted it to be like that, because at your other blog it wasn’t like this. :D

    1. My re-blog doesn’t work, so I need to rewrite this little ditty when time allows. But I left a comment on the ‘follow’ button on another comment you made already. I think I need to go to bed for the time being and respond when my mind isn’t mush. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me, Sophia. One day I’ll get past all of these little setbacks— I do hope and pray. :) For now, Hugs are being sent your way!

      1. You’re doing a great job so far Marcy. If it was me, I would have given up looooong ago. :lol: I don’t have the patience for things like this. I know you will get it all sorted out and in the meantime we will just take things as they come. :D

        1. I appreciate your patience for sure, Sophia, in bearing with me here. To my regret, I have lost a lot of followers, it seems. I’ve also noticed that a lot of links on this thread link back to my old blog. I think I am going to have to go back and manually ‘fix’ that problem — If you hit a link linking back to my old blog, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll be going back through the archives as time allows and reworking my links to lead back to this blog. I imagine that will help some. :) Big hugs are sent your way from the Orples and me.

  3. You and your readers might like to know that you don’t need anything special to take a screen shot. Every keyboard since the beginning of computers includes a screen shot key. It’s at the upper right and says “PrtScrn” or something similar. On some keyboards you might need to hold the Shift key down while hitting the PrtScrn key. That will take a screen shot which you can then paste into your picture editor and do whatever you want with it.

    1. I knew that, but Jing allows you to ‘control’ the screen shot by snagging on that which you want to capture, which is why I use that program instead of my keyboard. It’s free, so why not?

      Let me know if you want to join us in our ‘Orple Adventures’ … the more, the merrier. :)

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